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    Wireless Network


    I want your help and you recommedation on how to make this connection.
    I have a network connection in my office which I want to share with my home. The distance between those is less than 1km but there are a couple of buildings between so direct connection will be not that functional. Is there any wireless adaptor or whatever that I could use in order to find networks witheen that range? If yes what would be the cheapest way to do this? Note that speed doesnt matter a lot. My connection is 24mbps but I could work with 1-2mbps. Also the router that my office has is nothing important. Just a simple wireless router.

    Any help would be nice.
    Thanks in advance.

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    olgaki, would you be able to further specify the exact range? As the only idea that has come to my mind immediately would be the implementation of a Wireless Extender. Just remember, these products were designed to increase connectivity within your own home or office. Not transfer a wireless signal from say your office, through the city and to your home.

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    Yeah I know but I ve heard about several products that have ranges 1-5km. This range is less than 1km (about 500-700m). But there are couple of buildings between them. So lets say that the range is 700m and there are 100m walls between.

    Also recently a friend of mine bought a wirelless router that has an antena also that has a range more than 2km, it was a dlink (i dont remember the model) and it cost about 60euro. Thats why I ve made this though.

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    to broadcast a signal, u need a router and an antenna, the router will direct the signal, and the antenna will receive. the gadgets may be costly for just that use, why not use a modem at home

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    If you can afford you can go for the same device or a cheaper one that your friend has bought. There are some devices like SENAO that can be used in your case.

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    I think that would be not successful, normally wireless connections have not more than 100m range. It would be much expensive to purchase a broadcaster, its better if you can setup a new network connection for home use separately.

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    I think you should get an WiFi connection in 1 km..With this you can connect anywhere within 1 km which is the distance of your office and home..You can use net anywhere within the range..

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