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    Proaxxs since 05/28/2010

    I've been with Proaxxs since 05/28/2010 and it may sound cliché but truly, their support is really FASTastic! They helped me in every small things I've encountered. You know how technology works (or not), WHENEVER you will need someone to talk to regarding your web hosting, sure enough someone from their team will talk to you, not a generated spiel. No need to hop from one host to another, try Proaxxs and you'll know a different meaning of support. I know I did.

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    Looks promising never used Proaxx but heard a lot about them and I also recommend using Platinum Server Management (PSM). Their support is indeed best in town. Truly highly skilled ppl in terms of Server Management and they aren't yet into Hosting business as far as I know.

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    Galwin thank you for your honest review please update us down the road.
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    Thanks for the kind words Galwin! I will pass this on to our staff. It has been a pleasure working with you as well!

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    Just thought you guys would like an update about ProAxxs.

    THREE YEARS and still with FASTastic support. Sure, there are some issues here and there but their support won't leave you hanging and will do what they can to solve them.

    Happy going 4th year

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    Great to hear you've been with them steady for tht period of time sounds like they are a great host. How many web sites do you host with them?

    How's their server uptime?

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