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    I am looking for some comments/feature request on my website

    You can't be too negative or complimentary

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    I like the clean and simple design of your site. The traceroutes I did where a bit slow though?

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    Simple,clean and its working.
    And that is the point of course.
    Maybe just to make your logo image clickable (to home page)
    and maybe to center your footer.

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    traceroute results seems pretty slow.
    Great web.

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    Looks more like an old fashioned envelope.

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    1. Validate it. (and all other pages)

    2. the text on the about us page, don't center it. While the long lines are pretty close in length, makes the left margin really look off, since being close to same lengths my mind is thinking it is full justified.

    3. also on the about us page, "integration" is misspelled as "intergration"

    4. on the blog post "New features: Live", "permanent" is misspelled as "permeant"

    5. on the blog post "New features: ASN", "optimized" is misspelled as "optimised" (may be language difference?) and "released" is misspelled as "realsed"

    I agree the tracing is pretty slow, I would find a way so people see it as the trace is going. Simple clean layout, but I don't care for the border on the button.

    Good luck with it.


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    traceroute results are a bit slow but really nice web!!

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