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    * ★ NixDot ★ One-Time Server Security Hardening - Lightning Fast Results, Stay Secure!

    NixDot Web Solutions

    Happy New Year!
    We're starting 2012 with style by introducing one of the best value product ranges around.
    At the end of 2011 we made huge price drops across our range, and these low prices are staying!

    We provide professional server administration solutions for both Windows and Linux servers, whether you want to outsource full server management duties or maybe just have your server optimized as a one-off service, we're sure you'll find a cost-effective solution that suits you perfectly...

    We have a dedicated team of system technicians with more than 15 years combined experience in Windows & Linux administration, dealing with a wide range of setups including LAMP, cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM, OpenVZ, KVM, Xen and all common Linux setups.

    We also offer great discounts on bulk orders (1+), on any server administration service!

    We never use all-in-one hardening scripts, they may be fast and easy but can never secure and configure a server to the extent needed in these times, our advise is that all-in-one hardening scripts should be avoided, take security seriously!


    One-Time Server Security Hardening
    We take hardware & software security seriously and we believe that you should too. Our expert server hardening service provides you with the installation and integration of a full server security package, customized professionally in line with your individual server requirements and needs. If that isn't enough, upon completion we also provide you with a full log of all work carried out, including information on how you can modify and configure your security settings & configurations in the future.
    Our competitive prices apply to both Windows and Linux servers.

    Pricing - $29.59/19.14* one-time fee per server.

    Bulk Pricing - $4.99/3.23* off total invoice per additional server.

    ★ For more information and to order, click here! ★


    * = GBP Price, conversion correct at the time of posting.
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