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    Hosting from China

    I have a requirements for hosting in China or Hong Kong, a reliable provider who can help apply for the ICP certificate for the China market. Can anyone recommend any? Thanks in advance

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    BY hosting in Hongkong you don't need license. recommended service such as

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    You could try as well, they've been around for many years.
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    For Hong Kong there are a few providers which you could find through a Google search, for China however the main issue would be whether the site owner meets the requirements to apply for the ICP license. The hosting company only assists in the application process, the client/site owner still needs to provide all the documentation required (including Chinese business license, domain name certificate, ID card of local contact etc.) | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    As i check through , cycomholdings is one of those china web hosting .
    Why not have a look at his site and drop him a pm regard anything ...
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    You can check the requirement at

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    thanks for all the recommendations, will be checking on them asap.

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    And what about your budget? And other requirements?

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    I would recommend to host in Hong Kong, if you are considering China or Hong Kong only. Otherwise, any hosting company in Asia is also ok.
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