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    Needed server guru to optimize apache /mysql

    Hi guys, I have a server with centos installed, gets a good amount of traffic an I realize that certain time of day the server load in whm increase up to a 1000+ and the sites load really slow.. if anyone have good server experience an is willing to assist me comment here an we can talk further about cost etc. Thanks

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    Mind to share what script you are using right now as well as what plugins and the visitors stat and also the currect server spec?
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    I am willing to look into this for you. PM me if you would like to contact me.
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    You might seek the help of a server management company:

    They should be able to help you with optimizing and hardening the server.

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    i'v same issue i tried and 24x7servermanagement.combut no any solution

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    I would recommend adjusting your my.cnf to optimize MySQL. Also, disabling any php extensions and apache mods that you do not use will help. If you check your cron jobs and make sure no backups or anything are running at peak time, that will help a lot. Setting up a bad bots block will help decrease the number of rogue bots wasting your resources. Of course, optimizing your scripts and reducing the number of JOINs and other queries will give you a good boost. Look into a caching solution. Let me know what your site is and what software you use and I can point you in the right direction better. If you are not sure about all of this, let me know and I can work on it, wouldn't be expensive at all.

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    often times these types of optimizations require in-depth analysis which could include graphing and trending.

    sometimes they can be as simple as adjusting the apache MaxClient variable. there are a lot of guides to optimizing apache and mysql. If you are willing to do it yourself, google is your friend.

    Otherwise, I would recommend the offers/employment section?
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    I too would recommend to post in the offers/employment section... there are real good server admins who could help you out...

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