I just received a shipment of servers in and happen to have an extra one left over that I will not be able to use in the short term.

Due to this, I am going to offer this server up as a Dedicated Server and/or for sale.

The specifications on the server are:
Dell PowerEdge R210II
Intel E3-1270 CPU @ 3.4GHz (Quad Core / 8 Threads)
8GB of Ram (4x2GB @ 1333MHz)
250GB Western Digital Hard Drive
Baseboard Management Controller
Does not include Bezel or Rails.

If you want to rent this as a Dedicated Server, the cost will be $149/mo (100Mbps Port, 1Mbps of bandwidth included, 1 IP Address).

Alternatively, you can purchase this server for $1,100. If you're interested in co-locating this server with us ($49.95/mo), I would provide up to 3 months of free service (For every two months you pay/receive in service, I would waive the following months fee).

Note: The thread for purchasing this hardware can be found here: