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Thread: Mobile Phone

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    I currently have BB through my work, i dont really like it. I do how ever can speak about how my Iphones where and my one Android phone worked. Iphones seem to get better each version, weather or not there are large improvements between releases or not. The quality is alos there apple is awesome. I did how ever like how fast my android phone was, knocked my iphone 3gs out of the waters. I could have to say the newest Iphone is probably one of the better ones on the market. Depending on your needs of course changes what kind of functionality you need out of the phone. Don't buy one because its "in" or looks "cool" go for what will preform best under the tasks you use it for!

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    I would go for Samsung Galaxy 2, its cheaper than iPhone but approximately parallel. Hundreds of free applications, even faster than iPhone 4, beautiful look etc.

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    I made my decision to go with Android.

    I got a got sweet deal going on with Verizon now too. I got two Motorola Razr 16BG phones for $199 (buy one on contract and get the 2nd free) + double that data plan.

    Verizon was kind enough to upgrade me a full 14 months before I was eligible too. I asked the guy to talk to his supervisor and explain I am a long time customer wanting to add two data plans - and my old phones were $100 "dumb" phones so it's not like they didn't give me an I4S and I wanted out of the contract. He put me on hold and came back with an approval. Can't wait until Monday. Sweet! Welcome to 2012.
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    I love the iOS iPhone
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    I see some people commenting on android based phones as if they are all the same. Granted, there are a few educated users in this thread that realize Android is an operating system and firmware/kernel/radio set with proprietary drivers, and that the hardware is separately designed by individual OEM's.

    There are a fair share of hardware OEM's who produce sub par quality handsets (although even low end sets from major OEM's seem to be of decent quality these days), but there are also those that truly stand out. I have the pleasure of owning the Sprint Galaxy S2 phone "Epic 4G Touch" - which happens to have one of the most powerful cpu/gpu combos of any phone (best of the galaxy s2's) and exceptional battery, weight, build quality, looks. Basically it has the whole package. Everything about it is superior to the iPhone, except maybe the outer materials - although that is subjective. I actually prefer the lighter hard plastics as they are incredibly light and durable. Some might like glass and metal. It's all opinion.

    I also have had access to every single model iPhone from the beginning up to the latest 4S, as my wife is in love with them. I have to say that while most of them appear to be of high build quality, we have had many many problems with shoddy components. Every single model I've bought for her has had major defects: speakers going completely dead, mic going dead, screen dying, antenna issues, battery issues, and most recently her iPhone 4's camera hardware failed out of the blue (how, I do not know), so I upgraded her to the 4S. She has now been having software problems. It never ends. I won't even get into the glaring OS flaws, and the complete lock down of the interface.

    She is now wanting to change to a Galaxy S2 or a Galaxy Nexus, as she has experienced the hardware and played with both stock gingerbread, custom gingerbread ROMs, ICS leaks, new ICS ROMs. Every time she plays with my phone she goes back to her tiny iPhone and is left wanting.

    We've decided to sell off her iPhone 4S and get her a Galaxy Nexus. She loves the stock ICS interface and the superior customization. I never thought I would see the day that she would no longer have an Apple iPhone, but that day has come and it is sweet.

    So it's not really a question of "Android vs. iPhone". You can compare Android to iOS, or you can compare specific phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 line vs. the iPhone 4S. From my personal comparisons there is no question that Android OS is superior, and that the high end Samsung handsets are by far superior. There's no question about it.
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    I'm loving this Razr! Not too hard and help is only a forum away. I can't wait until it gets the ICS update.
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    I love iPhone.
    But still use the 2G mobile phone.

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    I am currently waiting on my Droid 4 to come in from FedEx. Big fan of the androids.
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    I prier to you to use Samsung Galaxy because it have all the features and good function quality.

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    I'm using Android, much more versatile and can be developed for easier than iOS.

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    I am using android for first time and i am very satisfied.

    I have one question:
    I want to use google translator via Htc Sensation,but i can't make changes to translated text...
    Someone can help me ?

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    Android. For me it's better than iOS..
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    Well I prefer Nokia multimedia phones and it comes with Symbian OS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullten Webhosting View Post
    Well I prefer Nokia multimedia phones and it comes with Symbian OS
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    I can't see Blackberry option in the poll. If there is blackberry in the list then i will be voted for it. But, my second choice i.e. Android (i have voted on it).

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