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    We are a non-profit teacher organization looking for a RELIABLE web hosting company. I stress the realiblity because of the problems we are having with *****. I thought I had done my homework by considering Interland. After all, it was voted #1 by PC Magazine. Now I read the bulletin boards and have found out that Interland has had a lot of problems.

    All I need is a solid, stable web hosting company for under 40 dollars a month which will provide us with some decent features (Unix based). We have a small message board and we are also running Link 2.0 cgi script (not a resource hog).

    You can probably sense the frustration I am feeling with choosing a web hosting company. More research appears to lead to more conflicting reports.

    Recommendations and warnings pertaining to web hosting companies would be greatly appreciated.


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    Greg Guest


    Well, you can try out and

    I know the owners of both places, they have fast Alabanza servers, very fast support and very reliable. Email them with a bunch of questions and they will reply quickly and professionaly.

    I think they both offer 1 month money back guarantee as well so you can try them out and get your money back if your disatisfied.

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    Kevin - you should be able to find a decent host in that proce range. You might want to consider White Lake Web (, as I believe Tina gives discounts for non-profits (you may want to email her and verify this). WLW has garnered some pretty good reviews, as well.

    Good luck.

    Hosting Matters, Inc.

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    Annette -

    Just a friendly question. A little off-topic, but I just have to ask.

    Everyone appreciate's the part about you referring customers to other hosting company's. I personally think it is great, and you have definately gained a lot of credibility in this aspect with me.

    But personally I WOULD be telling people, to COME SIGN UP WITH ME!, lol.

    Well I guess, we are just different in that aspect.

    All for now.

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    LOL, fiber. Wouldn't want to be accused of spamming, now, would I? Besides, people come to our site to check us out based on what they see here. If they like what we offer, I'm all for them signing up. But if we don't have what they need, I'd rather see them wind up somewhere else that's also reputable instead of getting burned (possibly again, for some of them). And hey - I wouldn't stop other people from saying good things about us, if they choose to toot our horn.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled topic.

    Hosting Matters, Inc.

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    I think you'll find this very interesting. I moved my domain from site5 to ( they have deluxe plan which is 34.95 and they offer everything from miva to asp and it is unix based. They set-up my account within 10 minutes and I also got dedicated ip address.

    Vlad Gil

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    Based on the criteria that you mentioned, I have a recommendation which will possibly be something worth looking into.

    My current webhost,, has been absolutely fabulous in terms of support. I own a very new website which is currently under development. Through a BBS, I came to know the owner of ThinkHost, Mr. Davidzon. Since moving over to their infrastructure last week, I have been more than happy with both their technical expertise and their support. This company delivers ..... through reliable and speedy hardware equipment AND most of all, caring and courteous support.

    E-mail Mr. Davidzon at [email protected]
    He'll take good care of you.

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    I'm currently with JRC-Hosting. I was an ex TrueHosting and BurstNET client and I had bad experience with TH. So I went to JRC-Hosting. Dave of JRC-Hosting answered all my questions very fast. He responded within 15min when I emailed him. Now I think JRC-Hosting offer the best price/support you can find out there. He cares alot about his customers. All his customers gave JRC-Hosting a 10 rating. You can see it here:

    If you're going to sign up. Say that Scott Intarapanont or recommended you. And you won't have to pay for set-up fee.

    Good Luck!

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