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    Outside of this issue, Skrill is simply a pain. We have stopped offering them as a payment method. They are the most complicated payment processor I have ever had to deal with. Once they DEMANDED documentation as to who owns what percentages of our private company, that was the end.
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    After reading all this information I have doubts that I need an account with them. Thank you for raising this issue.

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    my MB experience

    Here's another data point for Moneybookers:
    I also used a semi-dedicated e-mail address (minecraft@*****.com), which originally recieved e-mails from only At this point, I received zero spam to this e-mail address.

    I have decided to buy my friend a licence for minecraft - of which their credit card processer was Moneybookers.
    I've used the above e-mail address to register for MB - this was sometime back in 2011.

    After registering, I have noticed that I have been receiving casino spam e-mails to that e-mail address, containing my very unique asian first and last name.

    I immediately closed my MB account, however, I still receive at least two casino spams each day, to my now dedicated MB spam e-mail address. (I have changed to minecraft e-mail address to minecraft2@*****.com, which I receive zero spam.)

    Minecraft IS a game, which may explain why I am receiving casino spam - which I think was mentioned as one of the conditions as receiving such spam.

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