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    When I used to sell hosting, my new customer rates doubled when I upgraded to a much better design, which was radically different than what I had. The old one was not so bad, but the new one was very good, and it had a very noticeable impact. I didn't change my advertising media, just the design.

    That experience taught me that an attractive and bold website is an extremely important factor in giving a first idea about your company to a potential customer.

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    Turn On:
    - Sign up process is easy and clear.
    - cPanel/WHM.
    - WHMCS (unless you can build a BETTER control panel).
    - Live chat actually responds.
    - Past customer quotes.
    - Lifetime coupons (because your costs only go down after the first month).
    - Easy to read terms of service.

    Turn Off:
    - Website is overly cluttered.
    - Huge affiliate payout (unless I get a discount for not being referred).
    - Copyright is out of date.
    - Design seems outdated.
    - Difficult to navigate.
    - Fake live chat (I see it all the time).
    - Trying to sell all kinds of things when I know what I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markgrannum18 View Post
    Do you think it is the website that make the sail in this business. Is it about the appearance of your site that convinces someone to by hosting.
    No, spelling, spelling is what makes the sail, for sure.
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    No, spelling, spelling is what makes the sail, for sure.
    Sailing is what makes the spell. If you can't shell, sometimes you will lose the sail. That's why I use a spill checker.

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    Bad spelling and poor grammar. I can't stand it when I come across a site with bad grammar.

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    I don't think it is the website that makes the sale.
    BUT I think the website can certainly KILL the sale.

    I can say that when I am looking at an online purchase I will go to google. Make a search and open up about 10 different providers. I will then run through and close out any that don't have professional looking sites. I am not saying the site has to be crazy graphical and top notch, but it certainly needs to look professionally done.

    I have probably missed out on a few good companies but generally I figure that if they don't have a professional website then...

    If they don't care about their own business why would they care about mine
    If they don't take time to work on their site how will customer service be?

    THings like that.

    So in short I don't choose the company because of the website but I rule out the ones that suck.

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    i've goten around 20 clients purely off websites, which is the majority of my clients.

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    a web hosting company's site influences a buyers decision whether to buy from them or not. it's the same as to how you look at another person's appearance. when you first meet them, it's their first impression that changes how you think of them. in this case, it is the same. first impression MATTERS!

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    I guess the lesson of don't judge a book by its cover hasn't happened for some people.

    Thank you.
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    I realize that no, site is not what make sales.
    Your hosting page can be old time but what people cares is support, services, price and trust.
    Some big money hosting makers don't even care of Live Chat, hosting plans, nice website...
    What they have in common is their name=trust, they do forum post with great plans... word of mouth do the rest. Some also are in a marketing niche and have like thousands of subscribers, they advertise hosting to their subscriber and BAM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamicnet View Post

    I guess the lesson of don't judge a book by its cover hasn't happened for some people.

    Thank you.
    I would call it a "saying" rather than a "lesson", but to each his own. In any case, it's commonly said simply because people nearly always do the opposite. You wouldn't have a saying "drink water when you're thirsty", nobody needs any encouragement for that.

    Should people judge you based on how your website looks (your cover)? Yes, yes they should. Because as the business owner, you should know that people are judging you based on that. People *are* judging you based on how your site looks, and if you haven't done anything about it, it can only mean one of three things: 1) You are so clueless as to not recognize that your website reflects on your company, and for that reason you have not worked to make sure it looks good. 2) You can't be bothered to make sure that potential customers are comfortable with your company and its offerings. Or 3) Your organization is incapable of making sure your face to the world looks acceptable.

    Would I want to do business with an organization that can't get it's act together for any of those three reasons? Probably not.
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    I want to think people in this post because its helping me a lot with my own site. Giving me a idea of what people looks for.

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    Your welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamicnet View Post
    I guess the lesson of don't judge a book by its cover hasn't happened for some people.
    You've got that right. But they're the ones with the money, so it makes business sense to appeal to them.

    In this day and age where nearly everyone is offering the same thing plus or minus a few bucks, I'll take an interesting, attractive, well-organized site that gives me the information I need over an inefficient, uninteresting, disorganized site with walls of spergy text about what brand of Ethernet cabling they use.

    Even worse are the cookie-cutter hosting templates that feature stock photos of Important Business People Looking Thoughtfully At Servers.

    Whether people want to accept it or not, looks matter.
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    I think the site is majorly important. If a client thinks your site looks out of date or neglected why would they think that your hosting will be any different?
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