Looking for someone to takeover the following if they are interested:-

Server Chassis: PowerEgde R210 Chassis (1U)
Servive Tag: 8DR835J
Processor: Intel Xeon X3440
Raid Controller: Dell Perc H200
Hard Drives: 2x 1TB SATA @ 7,200 rpm
Memory: 4x 2GB DDR3 udimms
KVM: Dell iDRAC 6 Enterprise
Uplink Port (s): 2x 100Mbps (teamed - slb with fault tolerance)
Bandwidth: 100Mbps unmetered / unshared
Provider: IKOULA (AS21409)
IP Addresses: 6 Total (1 ip for idrac + 5 usable)
OS: currently has vmware hypervisor 5.

Takeover price is 869 Euros semi-anually.

If anyone interested, kindly let me know, i'll put you in relation with my account manager..