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    Best door-to-door approach?

    I'm going door-to-door to sell my web hosting / design services. I was wondering if anyone had ideas onto an approach (i.e. if it is a commercial business do I ask for a manger, and what do I do for non-commercial businesses)?

    Thanks, if you guys could include some stories of what you'd do that'd help.

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    be ready

    Be ready for 90% of the business to tell you everyones to busy to talk to you etc, make sure you have some nice promotional brochures with you so if you cant talk to anyone you can at least leave some form of advertising with someone there, also before you leave ask who you would contact to schedule a more convient follow up call and then just give them a call in a week to schedule a meeting. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    totally i agree, when i used to go to motels selling my software i made sure that my appearance(most importantly) was perfect. Make sure you do the obvious:

    Where something business like(ie, suit/tie)
    Comb your hair
    Talk friendly(don't right away say, "Can i speak to your manager please)

    Then be sure that you have brochures, business cards, and flyers(yes all 3). All these should be full color(I've seen people try to buy me with black and white), and professionaly made. I suggest you spend between 10 and 15 percent of your expected profit on handouts.

    If there is no one there to talk to, leave YOUR contact information, do NOT ask for theirs. It will make you sound too pushy, which is one thing you do not want.

    If they do not make contact with you in 24-48 hours, then and only then should you call them back with a follow up call.

    As a salesman, I always tell the customer the facts. I don't suggest referring to information in the brochures, so you shouldn't say things like "As it says on the bottom of the flyer..." or stuff like that.

    If you are too pushy, they will think you are desperate for their business-which is not want you want them to think...

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    Any more tips or experiences, I think I will give this door to door a go

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    I do web designing and when I first started, I was competing with professionals in my local area. It's was tough as these guys will do co-calling in a team of at least 2 persons and carrying flashy notebooks, digital cameras, nice printed brochures of their packages.

    I didn't give up but that inspired me more and continued and learnt as much as I could and I finally attended a short course in "Sales techniques".

    I applied what I have learned and one of the topic was to get clients(Bulleye's Techniques) were from friends and I manage to convince some to let me do their company's website, from there onwards, it was smooth sailing and snowball to 25 clients in just 3 months and lots of propective clients to follow-up these days... Tips from existings clients and friends. If you are an insurance salesman, then it's quite a similar technique in getting new clients which could be applied to web hosting/designing. Of course you have to look presentable/professional and I now carry along my notebook, digital camera, brochures and other documents to show prospective clients what I am capable of and I do presentation of some sample sites that I have done.

    That's how I started the web designing business from scratch and now looking back after just one year, I believe I have achieve something and can look forward to a more financial and stable residual income in the very near future.

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