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WizzSecure is the premiere Linux software and server hardening service. We developed WizzSecure to provide server operators with a managed security service with guidance and support. Are you unsure about the level of security on your web or application server? Leave this work to our team.

Our dedicated security engineers will obtain information on your services and applications and cater our comprehensive updates and audit especially for your needs. The time and work you perform on your web server is valuable, minimize your risk and protect your investments by selecting WizzSecure. WizzSecure includes 14 days of support on your securing session so if you have any questions or need anything we will be here to help you.

Service Securing

WizzSecure will check and update settings on major services such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Vulunerable PHP functions will be checked and disabled and MySQL configuration will be optimized for the best possible DB transaction rate.

Firewall and Brute Force Protection

Config Server Firewall (CSF) is installed and configured around your service and applications needs. All ports which are not being used will be blocked to provide the highest level of service protection. Brute Force Protection/ Login Failure Detection (LFD) will also be configured which will detect and block brute force login attempts.

Server Hardening and Optimization

Wizzsecure hardens your server on many levels; kernel, operating system, application, and network. At the filesystem level we check and resolve permissions and protect tmp directory and shared memory space against attacks. At the OS level we remove all unnecessary packages and disable unused services and processes.

Access Lock down

We will help you secure your servers access to stop intruders at the front door. SSH can be secured to disable root logins and/or restrict access to your home or office IP. Your SSH port can be changed to a non standard number to further protect this critical access layer.

HTTP and DoS Protection

Wizzsecure installs and configures Apache modules mod_security and mod_evasive to prevent against web application and DoS attacks. Our customized rulesets are updated daily to ensure your server is fully protected.

Security Report and Support

WizzSecure installs and configures Rootkit Hunter and Chkrootkit and configures these services to perform nightly security audits to make sure your server is safe. These services will make sure there are no backdoors allowing access to your server. After your securing session is complete we will provide you an audit and recommendations on best practices. You will receive access to our security team via our ticketing system for 14 days for support and questions.

Server Hardening

Harden SSH - Create access list, update port
Shell Form Bomb/Memory Hog Protection
Sysctl Check and Hardening
Ensure Filesystem Permissions - Fix permissions on world writable directories (777)
Harden tmp directory and shared memory locations - Enforce noexec, nosuid on tmp mount
Remove unnecessary packages - Remove RPMs which are not needed to free disk space and prevent against vulnerabilities
Disable unused services - Disable unused services
Disable unneeded processes - Disable unused services freeing resources
Cron Check - Check crontab for any suspicious entries

Audit and Alerts

Checking password strength for users and identifying weak password users
Rootkit Hunter & CHkrootkit - Nightly Scan to detect for system intrusions
Report Audit - Output of report work


14 day support package included
Securing support access to RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineers)

$34.99 One Time
14 days of full support included!
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