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    Vario hosting, help needed


    Im new to this forum, not sure if this is the correct forum to post:

    My late husband had a webiste which we are trying to get back online

    The domain is pointing to these servers:


    We are not sure where to signup. I asked at but they said that those servers are no longer in use, however I noticed that there are several sites pointing to the aforementioned servers.

    Any help will be much appreciated, since we cannot modify the nameservers at this point.


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    Try going to , replace with your website and you'll find information on the domain, where it is registered so on to look into it further.

    Good luck
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    What is the URL of the website?

    Do you have backups (were his HTML files on his computer?).

    If his account had lapsed for more than 30 days all of his files are most likely deleted from the server.

    We have a reseller account with Verio and may be able to find more info for you, just need the domain name. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    1. Find the domain registar by running a whois.
    2. Try to get access to the domain. Contact the registar and follow thier recommendation.
    3. Get a new hosting account and set up the site from backup(which I believe you have)
    4. Change the name servers at registrar and point the domain to new host.
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    From what I understand your provider changed the DNS. So the first things to do after making sure your hosting account is still up to date (paid and working) is to ask them which are the new DNS servers you need to configure on your domain.

    Then it would be to update the domain with the new DNS servers. You do know where you registered the domain right?

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