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    SEO needs for one word

    One of my customer is seeking help about SEO for one word.
    It is in Japanese and there is 43.500.000 results for Google search

    The key word is "Koshunyu" means "High-Income"
    I am posting screenshot of Google result.

    Please give me best idea and price as well

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    hmm kinda confusing, your looking for a site with one keyword but can't find it? is that it?

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    Let me explain it step by step.
    1 - i have a customer
    2 - My customer building a homepage for job search site
    3 - He needs SEO because fresh start web site need visitors
    4 - He asked me if i can help or not.
    5 - I post a topic here seeking professional SEO help.

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    It is tough to bring your website for a single keyword because there is lot of competition for Single word keywords.
    The second think is single word keyword won't make much business for you, let us take your keyword "high income" first you need to relate your keywords with your business. If I'm looking for a high income job in japan then i use keyword like "high income jobs in japan" in Google to find a you need to target your audience with your keywords.

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    Are you looking to rank in in english,, or in Japanese?

    IF looking for english in we can help. IF for japanese we cannot help.

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    Single keyword will not help in building page. You must think of another relevant keyword to link your site. I agree with goodluckdomain there is lot of competition for a single keywords. You must do some advance techniques to achieve top page like what we do in dominatetoppage dot com.

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    Do you still need a SEOer?

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    We have and Art and Design Agency and we are searching Partner (Art, Design and Advertising) who wants exchange links with us.
    Please contact us if you're interested!

    fard (at) ubik-agency (dot) com

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    Try this guy , he is very good and the price is incredible. I have forward more than 15 project of my small client to him so far , excellent job.

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