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    Youtube Video Downloader using PHP (getting page source problem)

    Dear friends,

    I had made a youtube video downloader in my site, but was so simple.
    Did you know how to get some page source using ip visitor? Not using server IP.
    We know that if we use file_get_contents or cURL it would use IP server.

    Here is my site

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    You cannot use a client's IP address for curl, as far as I know. The simple reasons are that PHP is Server Side Software and that IP address tells the target destination where to send back the results.

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    any solution for this expect cURL?

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    The only solution I can think would be a client side version of curl, I can only find the one linked below. It's a C++ cURL library, you would have to create a user interface in which they can enter the URL and it parses all of the data. But that's if you even know C++. So here is the link

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    how about java applet like in is it same in the way?

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