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    Using rsync to back up a unix server to a windows 2008 machine

    I'm having a helluva time trying to figure out how to back up the /backup drive on my dedicated server to my local Windows 2008 server running at home. Can anyone here help? At this point I'd pay someone to have this set up.

    I'm trying to get the rsync command to run automatically from a batch file on Windows 2008 server.

    What's the best way to do this?

    Is there some kind of GUI out there that will help me out?

    Should I just set up a CentOS box at home for this purpose? Even if I did, I don't know that I could get started.

    I used to have such a backup set up on a Windows 2003 machine with another server, but for some reason with this new dedicated server I have, I can't get the thing to run unattended.

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    I don't use it , but have you tried the rsync windows wrapper?

    It will connect to linux rsync daemon and has a scheduler.

    Maybe that will work for you.
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    Do you want to backup the entire server or just some important data such as database? Mcafee would be good for system backup.

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    We had a similar setup in place where one of our linux vps was being backed up to a windows server.

    Install and configure cron for Rsync or you can use
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    I successfully set this up recently with a lot of help from this tutorial:
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    Isn't it going to be a problem losing all the permissions and ownership? Maybe you should install Ubuntu on your Windows machine for a dual-boot system (It is simple to do with Ubuntu, but try booting the live CD first to make sure your system is compatible.)

    If you need it always running, then you could install Virtualbox for windows and set up a Linux virtual machine.

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    Rsync for Windows....

    cwrsync can help you:

    DeltaCopy and several other rsync utilities for Windows will also install the server side of rsync.

    Note that most, if not all, rsync servers for Windows will run rsync in daemon mode.

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