Being appreciated by our Polish customers and having a big load of satisfied users, we've decided to make a big step forward. It's time, to open our gates to customers from around the world. It's time to enter the big game. It's time for MyDevil.net

We would like to introduce our new shell account offer. While for most users, a shell account is being associated with hanging IRC sessions, MyDevil.net is something much more.

Our shell accounts are more focused on webhosting and user-experience. On what other shell account can you host a Django-based web app, a Ruby on Rails website, a minecraft, mumble, teamspeak or ventrillo voice server, and when you've set it all - watch internet television restricted to USA and Polish users? And when you can't find anything more to do with your account, you can use it as a normal IRC shell account - perhaps even chat with us on our local IRC channel? :-)

MyDevil.net? Why should you choose us?
- We're experienced, responsible and open for new suggestions,
- Our servers are running by fast and stable operating system - FreeBSD, and our admins are keeping the system secure and up to date,
- Our local account management system (called 'Devil') will allow you to perform most actions on your account and your applications,
- We're running NGiNX with our original solutions, that will decrease page loading time and much more - the best example: we've applied apache .htaccess standard to NGiNX!
- We will automatically backup your data - your files, your websites, your databases,
- We will give you access to a dedicated Java machine, with 32 GB of RAM memory!

Why don't you give us a try? :-)

Heavenly shell accounts

Main page: http://www.mydevil.net/en/
Offer: http://www.mydevil.net/en/oferta.html

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