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    Talking Need Partner for a Small WebHosting Venture


    My name is Sal, I'm here on WebHostingTalk to look for a good partner to help me and my idea's come true, I am looking to start up a small hosting business which then will expand into something bigger with more products etc.
    We will start with regular Shared Hosting and Reseller's then we will obviously add new product ranges.

    A bit about me:

    Name: Salmaan Makani
    Age: 15
    Country: England, UK
    TimeZone: GMT +00
    Education/Job: Currently doing GCSE's (I will send you my predicted grades if you are interested) I have received an A* in my first Module of business, Soon to be getting my Computing results.
    I'm mature and are well spoken, so any sarcastic comments about my age won't be taken to heart and will be kindly ignored. However if you under-estimate me because of my age you are wrong, I have experience in the webhosting field and am very good in the marketing field. I have already segmented the market looking into an area which I would like to go into.

    What kind of person am I looking for:

    - Must be age 13+
    - Must be Mature
    - Must have a small amount of money (As so do I)
    - Must be enthusiastic about web-hosting, people with low hopes will not do
    - Must be willing to take risks (As this is what makes Enterprise what it is)

    How can you apply:

    Well its very simple,
    Just email me at: Click for my e-mail
    and tell me why you think, you fit the job.


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    E-mail sent.

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    I have sen't you an email.
    Sergio D.

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    Still searching, please remember that this is a partnership not a job application.



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