Swiftway, a leading International business provider (http://www.swiftway.net) that is known for its excellent support and services is expanding the Swiftway network with over 400 gigabit of additional bandwidth.

Speedtest files available on: http://speedtest-evo.swiftway.net/
Direct 100 MB speedtest link http://speedtest-evo.swiftway.net/100MB.bin

We offer the below server on a Rent to Own plan (18 months) you can order multiple servers and colocation packages.
After the last payment has been done, you own the server and only pay for the co-location plan.
Location of the server is the Tier-3 datacenter Evoswitch in the Netherlands. You need to select a co-location package with the Rent to Own server.
This program is only available for new clients.

E3-1240 Rent to Own offer Netherlands

  • Supermicro SuperChassis 813MTQ‐350CB (max 4 HDD)
  • INTEL Xeon E3-1240 Quad Core
  • Maximum 4 memory modules
  • Server Board Server Board X9SCL+-F
  • Onboard IPMI with build in remote reboot, KVM/IP and Remote media support

Rent to Own 60,- / month month to month payments.
18 months Rent to Own After the last payment has been made, you own the server

Memory and drives LTO 18 months in combination with E3-1240 After the last payment has been made, you own the hardware

Memory per 4GB 5,- / month
WD Caviar Black 1000GB 7200rpm 6Gb/s 32MB 10,- / month
WD Caviar Black 2000GB 7200rpm 6Gb/s 32MB 15,- / month

INTEL 320 Serie SSD 40GB SATA II 10,- / month
INTEL 320 Serie SSD 80GB SATA II 15,- / month
INTEL 320 Serie SSD 120GB SATA II 20,- / month
INTEL 320 Serie SSD 160GB SATA II 25,- / month

Mail: [email protected] to reserve and order

Colocation for E3-1240 Rent to Own offer Netherlands

  • Colocation in the Netherlands, Evoswitch
  • 5 IPS in own subnet and vlan
  • 0.5 Amps 230 volts included power
  • Includes additional network drop for IPMI

Colocation with 5TB on 100 megabit 69,00 / month
Colocation with 100 megabit dedicated unmetered 99,00 / month
Colocation with 20TB on 1000 megabit 119,00 / month
Colocation with 100TB on 1000 megabit 139,00 / month
Colocation with 1000 megabit dedicated unmetered 399,00 / month

Contract term 18 months. Payment month to month.
Overusage 6,90 per 1TB

We allow all legal content, including Streaming Media, CDN and legal Adult content.

Payment questions

- We accept Paypal Mass Pay, Paypal standard, Moneybookers, Bank wire transfers most Credit Cards and in some countries we can do direct debit on request.
- We invoice in advance, billing cycle starts officially at the delivery date of the server.


- DMCA - we honor DMCA and give clients 24 hours to remove the content or file a counter DMCA
- First 5 DMCA per month per server gets handled free of charge. DMCA over 5 per server per month are charged at an administrative fee of 1,00 per VALID (so fake DMCA does not count) DMCA request that we need to process. The fee is charged to cover some of our true costs handling and investigating DMCA requests. You will always be notified if we get a valid DMCA request and if you file a counter DMCA then the request is not counted as valid request.

Planned Swiftway.net network capacity in Evoswitch

TRANSIT planned capacity 280 gigabit

6 x 10 gigabit to Level3
6 x 10 gigabit to Fiberring
4 x 10 gigabit NTT
4 x 10 gigabit to TInet
4 x 10 gigabit to Cogent
2 x 10 gigabit to Telia
2 x 10 gigabit to Reasonnet
1 x 10 gigabit Nlayer
1 x 10 gigabit Hurricane Electric

Planned TRANSPORT 80 gigabit

4 x 10 gigabit to 60 Hudson, New York
2 x 10 gigabit to Warsaw
2 x 10 gigabit to Paris

Planned Peering 40+ gigabit

AMS-IX Capacity currently unknown
PL-IX 1 x 10 gigabit
Equinix exchange 2 x 10 gigabit
Atrato 1 x 10 gigabit
Various private peering connections

About Swiftway

Swiftway, a leading quality business provider of dedicated servers, has seven years of Internet experience and thousands of dedicated servers online today for clients in over 60 countries. Swiftway has the experience and expertise to help your organization meet the ever increasing demand for high-end hosting solutions.
Swiftway is a specialist in custom servers with high bandwidth.
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* Pay by Paypal, Moneybookers, CC or Bank wire transfer
* Prices are excluding VAT.
Individuals and companies outside the EU do not have to pay VAT.

European companies with a EU VAT ID do not have to pay VAT.

Our USD website: http://www.swiftway.net
Our EURO website: http://www.swiftway.nl
WHT wiki: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/wiki/Swiftway
Mail to [email protected] for questions, orders or details.
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Contact swiftway:

Mail: [email protected]
Phone Sales Department: 0048 8574 1111 0 8:00 - 16:00 CET
Customers always get a 24/7 reachable emergency phone number to call Swiftway.