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    Question Domain name transfers whois guard/privacy - what's policy on ?

    I have alot of domains with with whois guard privacy paid for and started moving some to which includes free whois privacy.

    Now I'm wondering on the exact legal obligation of when's service obligations end and when's begin.

    For example:

    1. I have which expires November 10th, 2011 at and whoisguard also expires same time nov 10, 2011.
    2. I initiate transfer on October 18th, 2011, provide all the EPP codes and approvals for transfer from to
    3. has 5 days from October 18th to respond to approve the transfer according to the emails I got after 5 days it's automatically approved.

    But now says transfer status is still pending (namecheap hasn't approved it) but according to whois lookup, has already disabled my whois guard privacy service I paid for on which expires Nov 10th, 2011 and shows all my domain admin contact details publicly now!.

    I would of thought namecheap whois guard would be active until transfer is approved ?

    Anyone shed some light on how it works ?
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    Whois protection has to be turned off before a transfer can be initiated - it's part of the process.

    And if you think about it it makes sense. The new registrar needs to be able to see the Whois.

    Some registrars will make you actively turn of the Whois protection yourself (so that you see and understand what is going on). From what you are saying it looks like Namecheap just turns it off for you,

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    I would agree, advise the customer the WHOIS guard will be turned off during the transfer process
    Equally, I would add this to your T&Cs

    Furthermore, if you are processing the transfers yourself from (external) provider to then remove the WHOIS guard yourself first
    Once this has completed, then commence the transfer
    I find this is the quickest method
    Once the Domain Name is with reset the WHOIS (and the Auto-Renew back to OFF)
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    Thanks guys, makes sense when you explain it that way. has privacy whois auto enabling set, just the domains are in limbo pending the 5 day waiting period for Namecheap's response.
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    Some registrars have unique email ids for every privacy protected domain name, so you get the emails sent to the id listed in the whois.

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