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    Seo Importance of server location

    This comes from Google webmaster offical site and youtube
    The location of the server

    Google and other major search engines use the physical location of the server as a signal. This signal becomes even more important when the domains have a generic TLD (such .com, .net, .gov etc) and when their webmasters have not enabled the Geographic Targeting Feature on Google Webmaster tools console.
    At Web SEO Analytics we know the importance of the server location from first hand, since our Datacenter and servers are located in Romania. Even though our company has absolutely no other connection to Romania (other than the hosting), our websites achieve extremely high rankings for highly competitive keywords on Google Romania. Moreover when a user from Romania searches for the terms “google”, “youtube”, “facebook” etc on the European version of (which is powered by Google), he/she will receive on the first page at least one relevant article from our blog! So trust us when we say that the location of the server can definitely be important.

    Other Geo signals
    As we said above the major search engines try to detect if a website is related to a particular region and if their content is more relevant to a specific location. As a result they don’t rely only on the IP and the TLD but they use several other signals such as the location of the incoming links, traffic information, signals that come from the text and the language of the document etc. Many SEOs speculate that geo information from Social Media and Chrome is also used, but this is not officially confirmed by Google. Note that usually search engines rely more on the above signals when there is no hard evidence about the real Geo targeting of the website.

    So as i wageing host packages from Hawkhost,MDD hosting (which both have servers only in usa) and StableHost (usa and europe),i read a lot here and on other sited about importance of server location.What i found was lots od different point of views,arguing and similar..

    The only thing thats stopping me to decide is that.My visitors come 80% from Europe so seo impact on this matter for my case a lot.To add when i receive vistors trough Google they often comes in bigger number like 50,100,150 online users,so this is other thing which i must take care of it.

    The difference except that between them are not so big for smaller package,but bandwidth it is in medium or higher which i plan to buy ,and its liek 100 to 200 GB ,which will be important for me.
    So you can see dillema which i m having about this,problem is which i learning more about hosting and everything relevent about that more questions i have,more doubts.Extra reason is that i want to buy hosting only for a year.

    So ,can some expert here provide me same info about this.Thanks

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    It can be an influence. But it's not a guarantee that it will be.
    Same for the tld extension.
    Much of it depends on your target demographic, too. Plan accordingly.

    EuroVPS and Stablehost (UK server) would be excellent choices.
    Excellent hosts, and within target geo.
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    It certainly does seem easier to rank if you're hosted in the target country. Page loading speed is becoming a small factor too now from what I can tell.
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    It's always recommended to host your website from targeted visitor area since it will reduce response and it gets advantages from local search engine.

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    Yea but do you have some first hand experience with this.On scale of 1 to 5 how much important is from your experience or perspective.
    I know which hosting i will buy when i m 100 sure of this,the thing is important difference in bandwidth between this host they giving me on top package.For example i just found here on forum about simlexweb which give 500 GB Bandwidth in their top offer .

    Examples :
    Non europe :
    Hawkhost : 380 GB ( as i found out they are planing to have europe one in amsterdam in novemeber which is soon ,so will i be able to swith to that server with them,not sure,how this work)
    MDDhosting 500 GB

    Europe :

    Stablehost : 300 GB
    Simlexweb : 500 GB

    So the difference as you can see is 200 Gb ,which i could use,whitout going to customplan or paying extra for additional bandwidth.

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