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    IP Traffic Monitoring Tools


    As i know, MRTG can only monitor the traffic via device interface. Is there any hardware or software could use to monitor traffic via IP Address?

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    If your hardware supports NetFlow you could use that functionality.

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    In case the hardware not supported?

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    What exactly do you want to monitor? On the host? (Iptraf, slurm, iftop, vnstat.. munin) On the switch? (mrtg, cacti, observium - via SNMP) On a software-based firewall? (iptables rules, iptables -nvL + scripting etc) On a router/switch that supports netflow?

    Just monitor traffic usage per ip-address says nothing.

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    There are a number of flow exporters out there ntop is a complete package. It can work of a span port to your uplink or on each server exporting to a central flow reporter. This can be CPU intensive once you get past the 100mbs line.

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