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    Help Setting Up DNS

    I've bought my domain at namecheap and I've got a VPS at Network Redux. I just had my VPS reconfigured with CentOS 5.7 (Final) and I'm trying to setup my nameservers/DNS. NR just got back to me with this in the e-mail, I was hoping somewhere here can explain what they are and which option is preferable.

    The content of the email:
    Do you intend to house DNS locally on the virtual server, from the
    registrar, or our DNS cluster.
    I have no idea what any of those mean. Thanks!

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    The best thing to do is host it on their cluster..

    They will host your DNS records.
    You then just point your NS ( nameserver ) records to their DNS servers and their servers will hand out the A records for your domain..

    Ie: If i browse to your site
    My browser will query their DNS servers to find the IP for
    They will tell me the IP and I will then connect to your VPS for the page..
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    Okay, Thank you very much for the quick and detailed response.
    What are the advantages/disadvantages of hosting it locally as opposed to using their cluster?

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    Locally you will have more control, however its yet something else to manage and to break.
    If your server breaks so does DNS.

    Having someone else host it IMO is better, However you are at the mercy of their uptime but you will be hard pressed to find a decent hosting provider with rubbish name servers.
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    Thank you very much, Lynxus.

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    Host your domain DNS in the server itself, its convenient.

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    You can also use NameCheap's server. Just log in to your account, set DNS to NameCheap and click "All Host Records" or something like that. Their name servers are not too bad in performance and free with your domain purchase.

    That way if you change hosting company in a year or two, you don't have to enter DNS entries at a new company again. Your DNS stays with the registrar which usually doesn't change much (at least for me).

    I normally don't host locally on my own server because, well, after reading so many DNS attacks and exploits, I'm worried about it as I myself am not too good with BIND. I simply don't need another point of attack.

    If it is critical enough, you can also go with the DNS specialist such as Worldwide DNS. Used them before. Awesome support and performance. Remember calling with a question at 3:00AM. Answered on the first ring by a polite, non-cocky 'expert' tech. Wow. Worth it. They've been around a long while. Or you can have your server as primary/master and theirs as secondary/slave (backup). I'm not affiliated with them or even a current customer.

    Hope that helps.

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    Using dns service from your domain provider is the best option if private nameservers are not required. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    I recommend using .. Extremely easy to use interface and it works. Plain and simple.
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    Okay, I'm all for whatever works properly. I decided to try hosting them locally (on the VPS), but failed. At, I used the "transfer DNS to web host" option to enter custom nameservers: & and pointed both to the IP address of my VPS: I'm assuming it works since the domain name resolves to the Apache HTTP Server test page. Pings to my domain also resolve to my VPS IP address.

    I checked and it looks like some things aren't the way they are suppose to be, but I could be wrong, hopefully somewhere here can interpret that in layman's terms.

    I created a DNS template earlier '' but for some reason, that just vanished and I can't see it anywhere in Kloxo. Perhaps, there's a way to delete it using the command line (via SSH) or something.

    Finally, I tried to map my IP address to a default domain (, that failed too, with this error:
    Alert: To map an IP to a domain, the domain must ping to the same IP, otherwise, the domain will stop working. The domain you are trying to map this IP to, doesn't resolve back to the IP, and so it cannot be set as the default domain for the IP.
    My domain points to my IP: so I have no idea what's going on. Totally clueless. Any help is appreciated.
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    Okay, I'm not sure what happened, but is now accessible and points to the correct directory, it looks like I'm good to go with that. However, the domain is not yet mapped to the IP Address and when I try to do, I still get this error:
    Alert: To map an IP to a domain, the domain must ping to the same IP, otherwise, the domain will stop working. The domain you are trying to map this IP to, doesn't resolve back to the IP, and so it cannot be set as the default domain for the IP.
    I don't understand why when I can confirm that the domain points to my IP Address.

    Secondly, I have a few other domains at - would it be possible to point the DNS for those domains to my custom name servers (ns1/ and register the domains within my Kloxo install and have them resolve to the same IP, I guess that's what is referred to as Shared hosting, yes? And I'm assuming I can't have the IP address mapped to a single domain if I decide to share the resources, yes?

    Thank you for the help received.

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    I'm not fluent with DNS, and I have no idea what Kloxo is (okay, found out it's control panel for hosting). Sorry.

    But, from whatever little that I know, the message sounds like it is complaining about your Reverse DNS (rDNS) record not resolving back to your domain name. Right now if you do a reverse lookup on IP, it resolves back to "," not your domain. May be, that's what the message is complaining. Some host allow you to set your reverse, while for some, you have to ask your host to set it for you.

    If you are on a VPS and you alone own/leased that IP (no other people using that IP), they should be able to do this for you. Hope that helps.
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