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    Hosting Conference in India any idea pls

    Does anyone know if there's any Hosting Conference('s) happening in India? So far I dont see these happening; even bootcamps/bar camps also seems to be dead for a while....
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    No any hosting conference in India because of most of hosting providers lease server in other country(They don't have their own hardware and also no one want to buy a 200GB Bandwidth at $$$$$/m)
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    As per my knowledge, recently, there are no Hosting Conferences scheduled in country India.
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    I dont think events like hostingcon or any such activity would be scheduled to happen in India given that most hosting providers have their servers outside. The few datacenters that are there like ESDS, Ctrls are all heavily participating in expos and events outside. Given the scenario, it is difficult to foresee such events happening in the near future.
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    Nothing better for starters!
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    There are many Cloud events though.
    Recently AWS was there and there are many others happening as well.
    But even I wish there is one conference out in India as well.

    HostingCon US is a BLAST to attend.
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    In India, there is literally clutter of hosting providers but mostly everyone hosting their servers/sites in US DCs
    Problem is bandwidth is very costly in India, another point is cost of electricity is higher than US and European countries.

    Still many people havent used linux , hardly few people in IT know linux from bottom.
    Mostly IT people are engaged in management, outsourcing etc.
    IMPO, in future, there are no chances of hosting con in India.

    problem is tendency , people want cheap things, they bargain even when there is a difference of Rs.10 to 100, few people look at quality and sustainability.

    When I compare quote for specific server from US Dc and Indian DC, there is vast difference.

    Things is in US, there are many big players such as hivelocity, singlehop where people are hosting sites, even Indians do.

    US based server = Low cost + good quality
    Servers based in India = High cost + low quality
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    At this time, there are no plans for holding a HostingCon in India. We will continue to explore opportunities to produce a HostingCon outside the USA like the Australian HostingCon Symposium we held in late June. The HostingCon India website mentioned is not affiliated with HostingCon.

    BTW - thanks to all who attended HostingCon 2012 in Boston. We received tremendous feedback that it was an excellent event. The HostingCon team is already in the process of putting together an even bigger and better event for Austin, Texas, June 17-19, 2013! Mark your calendars - first time HostingCon is being held in June.
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    Thanks for that explanation, Kevin. I think we can close this thread down since the question's been answered.

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