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    E-mail Marketing to hosting client contacts


    I have available around 2,000 contacts which were hosting clients of mine, I offer an e-mail marketing system which i can design, create and send a campaign out to these contacts to promote your hosting business. The contacts are worldwide.

    I offer data in any kind of industry, and send out email's to market your business and to offer the services you want marketing to the kind of contacts you want to email you back on.

    If you are interested please PM me for more information.


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    What is the cost of this ?

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    The cost is different depending on how many you want to send out.

    I've got a new set of data which is e-mails i've built up which are opt-in contacts which is around 3,300 people around the world. These are in the hosting industry of contacts that are clients or were clients when i had my own hosting business.

    This data hasn't been resold on to 100 different hosting companies, We are looking for an offer on the 3,300 set but to send out more campaigns would be a seperate one off cost each time you wanted to send a campaign.

    Let me know if you want more informaiton, Just PM me and i'll give you more.

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