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    upset Guest


    Just the other day I signed up with this company called NameZero. Their site states they will register a domain name for you and semi-host your website in return for advertising for them. Their site definetely said that I would be registered as the owner.

    Two days later, I get an email from them welcoming me to thier services detailing my domain will be availabale soon. The next day the domain is registered and working. The advertising I thought was going to be a pop-up or regular banner was actually this really huge frame at the bottom of the screen.

    That made me unhappy because one of the browsers I use is not frames-friendly. Then I do a whois search on my domain to make sure they got my information right, and what do you know they went and registered the name under someone else [namezero rep I presume]

    Then I email them asking to transfer the name to me agreeing to pay the $35 InterNIc fee and what do they tell me? I now have to pay $15 to them to have it transfered.

    If I would have known what I was getting into I would have registered my domain with which is real cheap, $35 for TWO YEARS!!

    Does anyone know if this company is legal? How can I get my name back from them without have to pay them [I don't want to pay them, they lied to me]

    Any suggestions would surely help, thanks in advance.

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    Chiessa Guest


    I'm sorry there is no way that you could have that domain unless you deal with them, since to the registrar, the guy is the real legal owner of that domain. If you decide to register another domain yourself, there's a cheaper place called Joker ( which charges only Euro 12 (slightly less than US$12) per year for a domain.

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    Rain Guest


    Are Joker any good? Their site looks real cheap. But so do BurstNET and they are good..

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    I'm just asking this out of curiosity, but what was the domain name? I would like to see exactly how big the ad window is. Thanks!

    Brian Farkas

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    upset Guest


    I just found out that I won't have to pay both internic and NameZero, but I wasn't the only one confused. Some other person on their message board practically wanted to sue them.

    They just change the registrant information I guess, but they told me my domain will be paid for the rest of this year and I only have to pay them $14.95

    I won't be billed by internic until 2001. Yay!

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    Wow! The frame is big enough indeed. Why don't you try searching for a better host?

    Don't feel sad.. don't worry, be happy! I know you can find a good one!

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    Justin K. Guest


    I thought they were just a forwarding service. If you use the little cheat code to get rid of the frame, you're at your current page wherever that might be. The service is nice, but they need to cut the frame down a tad. I've already had to deal with 2-3 people that thought they were in charge of the domain name after signing up with namezero. It really frustrates people. The idea of a free domain name is nice... but the advertising frame just overdoes it and the fact that anyone can make the domain name isn't the best thing for them to have done. True, anyone can make a domain normally through a registar, but when they have to pay it makes a lot of the "Hi, my name is Hallaway and I is learning HTMLs!" pages wait until they know what they are doing before buying up.

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    I use all the time now for registrations. Yes, their site looks chintzy, but it works. Domain name registration, though, takes about a day longer (than Network $olutions)to propogate through the system in the U.S. as it goes through CORE in Europe and then to the U.S.

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    I've used Joker in the past, and they've been fine, but there are hidden costs you should be aware of (transferring costs, etc.) - read the fine print.

    I now use ( - $12US/year and also extremely reliable too.

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    Greg Guest


    Just so you know, you don't own the domain name:

    Domain Name..........
    Registration Date.... 2000-04-05
    Expiry Date.......... 2001-04-05
    Organisation Name....
    Organisation Address. 51 University Ave-Suite-K
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Los Gatos
    Organisation Address. 95030
    Organisation Address. CA
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Admin Name........... Daniel Hoffman
    Admin Email..........
    Admin Phone.......... 4083951706

    Tech Name............ Frank Stanbach
    Tech Email...........
    Tech Phone........... +1 408 395 0426
    Name Server..........
    Name Server..........

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    I'm not affiliated with Namezero in any way, but I thought I'd mention this.

    Two of my coworkers here got their domains through them, so I thought I'd check them out. It's in the fine print (waaaaaay in the fine print) that states, once you cut through the legal-sounding bull, that whatever name you register, they own it.

    There IS that fee to transfer owners, but of course, that takes forever to actually get done (I tried transferring ownership of my domain from myself to my took three weeks to find out that I missed a line in my form....:mad .

    Personally, I'd pay the extra money to legitimately register a domain for myself, go with a redirect service and save myself a lot of hassle.

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    Originally posted by upset:
    The advertising I thought was going to be a pop-up or regular banner was actually this really huge frame at the bottom of the screen.

    That made me unhappy because one of the browsers I use is not frames-friendly
    Does anyone know if this company is legal? How can I get my name back from them without have to pay them [I don't want to pay them, they lied to me]

    Any suggestions would surely help, thanks in advance.[/B]
    If you email me, I will tell you how to get rid of the frame at the bottom of your page. Actually very simple.

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    Thumbs down NameZero Pain!

    One of my fellow bandmates registered the domain for the band through NameZero. He is a keyboard player, not a computer dude. Long story short, we got busted for using the banner killer and upped to the plus support. By doing so, yes, it cost us I think $25.00 ( I had the keyboard player (Band) pay for it) I was able to get listed as the Administrative contact.

    I have been fighting back and forth with them for over a year to make simple changes. 6 months to get the account directed to another ISP (Different DNS entries). Everytime I call, they try to log into my account and their backend system is down. This is the same story for about 4 months now. Since I am officially the Administrative contact, I am switching to another Registrar. I am holding my breath to see if it works.

    Technically, I am the adminstrative contact, but Namezero registered it, so they have to use their account at Network Solution (at least that is the line they told me) to make modifications to update the domain record.

    The frustration is that they are not very well coordinated with NetworkSolutions. NS says it's NameZero's problem, NameZero says it NS problem. And so the world turns. Hopefully within the next few days, I will be in control of my Domain record!

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    I had trouble with them when they first opened like 2 years ago, I had them register a name and was told the same thing, that I would own it. Their contact info was the only one on thee and I had to pay to get the name back and it took many months, I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole now.

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    You guys should check everything related to domain registration, hosting, servers, etc., HERE, before you make the decisions.

    Everybody should know by now, when NameZero registered a domain for you for free, they own the domain, even when they put frames on your domain.

    There are a lot of cheap domain registrars:

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