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    RAm upgrading for X8DTL-I

    Currently, it has 12GB RAM (3x4GB DDR3-1066). I would like to upgrade this to 24GB. Which model should I use now?


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    This box has 2 CPU E5520 already. So which model do you recommend please?


  3. again, you want to use the identical RAM to the 3 modules you already have in there. thus, find out what exact brand/model you have, then buy the same thing.

    if you can't source the identical brand/model for some reasons, at least you need to match the same type. non-ECC to match non-ECC, ECC UDIMM to match ECC UDIMM, ECC reg to match ECC reg. I do know it for a fact that you can't mix non-ECC or ECC UDIMM with ECC RDIMM on one server board.

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    Wouldn't it be easier to just buy RAM for the entire thing all at once and either use the "old" RAM for another server or sell it off to make some money back?

    At least, that's how I'd do it, if given the circumstances.
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    The old RAM model is out of stock. It might be much more expensive than 1333 model today. Can we just buy DDR3-1333 and mix with current DDR3-1066 modules? Just need REG ECC (same with the old RAM)?

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    Just use old RAM with another server and get the new one for this box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    it's wise that you want to add 3pcs of identical 4G modules on the 3x open slots if the 2nd CPU is present already.

    if you had only one CPU, the you would have no choice but to replace all 3x 4G's out with 3x 8G ECC registered DDR3-1333. Kingston's KVR1333D3Q8R9S/8G is under US$80 nowadays!
    Exactly what he said, Kingston's KVR1333D3Q8R9S/8G is your best bet and it is CHEAP right now, well all memory is cheap right now for the most part.

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