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    ProxFree - A Great New Web Proxy!

    Iím pleased to announce a brand new web proxy, ProxFree features:

    • Completely free, funded by the on page advertisements.
    • Secure SSL encryption.
    • AES encrypted URLs with unique ciphers each session.
    • Powerful webservers in multiple continents. We attempt to automatically determine which is the fastest for you, but can easily change it.
    • Easily changeable IP addresses. Use different IPs which geolocate to many different regions in an instant.
    • A great and very compatible YouTube proxy. It also has some functionality on Vimeo, Dailymotion and Metacafe.
    • A usable Facebook proxy.
    • An adult proxy which is compatible with many of the largest adult "tube" and streaming sites.

    Please let me know of any feedback you may have .
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    You have a server in Lancaster, UK? Who from?

    Also your site has SSL errors.

    Nice website though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtodd View Post
    You have a server in Lancaster, UK? Who from?

    Also your site has SSL errors.

    Nice website though!
    Please datail the SSL errors. I think you may be referring to some content not loading over SSL? If so, that is the adverts. Unfortunately Google will not serve their ads over SSL .

    And there is no server in Lancaster. Just an IP address which Geolocates there.
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