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    High Quality SQL Server hosting needed

    Hi, I hope we are in the correct area if not can someone tell us where to post.

    This post might be long, but we want to make sure that we tell all information and question we had in one post.

    We have short term goals and long term. I will start with the short.

    We (David and I) are looking to be resellers, BUT we do not want a hosting plan that allows overselling. Ethically we do not believe in selling space that others are paying for to another client just so we can make more money. If we say that you have 10GB allocated, you have 10GB allocated. We would also like that respect in return. In other words, if a hosting provider that we go with, if we are paying for 10GB we are allocated to the full 10GB. (space and bandwith)

    I know our needs are not the norm, but what type of hosting service should we look for? I am coming to the conclusion that we are not looking for shared hosting. It is not in our budget to have a dedicated server at this time. Should we be looking for VPS or Cloud?

    Our specific needs now are:

    Windows Platform 2008 (r2?)
    SQL Server 2008r2
    ASP.NET 4
    .NET 4.0
    IIS27or 7.5
    possible jQuery (could refernce to Google if not on server)

    We will be using 3/4 of the space that would be in our hosting plan to resell allocated space to our customers.

    We will be using the other 1/4 for our own different business.

    This leads us up to our long term goals.

    We are starting a small business that builds custom applications to small business with approx 20 or less users per client. Company's that cannot afford a full time IT dept. I am a SQL Server DBA/Progammer and a .NET developer.

    We will be phasing out the focus of reselling in favor of custom applications to small businesses.

    Can someone point us to the right provider? One who will work with us and help with tech support.

    We believe in quality over quantity. We are looking to build a reputation of quality and reliable service.

    Any and all advice is welcome.

    Thank you
    Christi and David

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    Well, VPS might be the right solution for you so that you can customize things as per your requirement. If you are looking for HA server with failover, you can consider cloud but you'll need to have very good amount of budget for it. I'll possibly suggest getting a VPS with robust backup solution (like R1Soft CDP). Also, I believe you are looking for managed solution? Do you have budget / specs in mind? Any preference for location?
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    Well .. Looking at your requirements , A Fully Managed Cloud based windows VPS would be the right option where you will get the support as well as other value added services by the provider.

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    Well do you have budget for this VPS , as well as the location of the data center where exactly you want the VPS to be hosted. As E-Admins Said a Fully Managed Windows VPS would be the right option for you. Looking at your other requirements , getting a clustered VPS would be more powerful option. Ofcourse robust backup solutions like R1soft should be there too.
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    We are new to hosting, so I can only say what we would like, we do have in our budget for VPS, but do not know how much control we have over it. If for our applications need a third party software add on we would like to be able to install.

    We pretty much know nothing about hosting and reselling and would like to know what we need to look out for.

    We live in Southern CA (USA) so we would like our servers in USA.

    We would like to start small and grow into our business with the knowledge and experience we obtain.

    What is managed solution? Also, what is the difference between Cloud and VPS?

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    Well the concept managed have many things included and the concept varies as per the providers. When you get a managed VPS , some providers assist you with Server security , patching , installations,Backup , support part. There are some providers who go beyond what I have mentioned above and manage the whole server as well as support the issues that are being occurred on hosted things on the server itself.
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    To get more info on VPS and Cloud and their difference , refer to this thread and you may get a nice idea.
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    Thank you eNetCloud.

    I will take a look. Thanks for the help, again we are new and do not want to be taken advantage of. I just came from a really bad service that had awful customer support. Do not want to go through that again. As the saying goes "Fool me once..."

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    Hi, I'm the David that Christi was referring to. I have more of a background in SEO, SEM and E-Commerce marketing; Christi is used to having an in house server being managed for her although she does have some experience as a DBM, she's more of a DBA/Programmer/Developer. We're really looking to focus on value added hosting... web design and integrated database applications for small businesses. I'm not sure about our billing or web panel requirements as we may be handling all that for our customers in an inclusive price/package. We're still doing our research and business plan formation. Thanks everyone for the input, we still haven't decided on our price range... the minimum for what we need to immediately start, but depending on the project size of our clients it could vary greatly I imagine. We did pick up a basic reseller plan for a month already ($20 for 20 2008 r2 databases and 20 domains/aliases) but were really unhappy with the quality of support provided (possible language barrier problems... although they were based in Texas)

    We could scale up our budget if need be (probably), but are trying to minimize capital outlay in the begining while we work out the bugs.

    Thanks, David

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    On VPS hosting, do we install SQL Server ourselves? The .NET framework? Or if installed do we need our own license? IIS?

    What about webMatrix? Can that be used on VPS?

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    Well if you with Managed VPS .. while placing the order just mention your requirements and the provider will take care of it. If you other customized requirement you should mention them to provider and you should receive the services accordingly.
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    We have found our top 3 providers that we are going to examine and search reviews. Then contact the provider that we are thinking of going with.

    How do we search on WHT for reviews to these providers (what are the search parameters) I have done a search, but the results are mostly what threads that they are posting in. Their answers help narrow our choices. But we would like to see clients reviews (whether current for former) We are also searching through google etc.

    The deal breaker for us is the overselling as we do not want to pass that along to our clients. Plus we do not want our clients overselling. We also looking at starting small to get our feet wet and learn the in's and out's with working with hosting providers.

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    Yes... we are probably going to start with a solid reseller package right now... but really have our eye on managed VPS or a dedicated server in the future (hopefully not too far). Our budget looks like it's going to be in the $40/mo range, give or take for starters, but are looking to plan for even multiple dedicated servers when we need them in the future (something we would offer to clients should they need them).

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    While we don't need anyone to hold our hand, we would like a competent hosting provider that can help us or point us in the right direction.

    We are doing as much research as we can, but there is so much we need to know and absorb.

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    To give an example of our long term goal go to:
    We would be using a windows platform and also offer custom business applications.

    Has anyone heard of such a plan on Windows?
    Should I contact their host providers?
    I am going to contact them about how they go about their business in terms of advertising offline (BBB, Chamber of Commerce etc)
    If you as a hosting provider and can meet our needs please let us know.


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