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    cheap box for testing in us

    Anyone know where i can find box under 40 - 30 in USA or Canada (EU too depen
    dent if its cheap enough...)

    I know I'll be asked to try vps, it's not going to work because of what I need to run.

    8 IP block (5 usable) preferable, VT-x or AMD equivalent preferable, must allow either custom os via iso or debian.

    Hoping for european company/support in european time zones. Looking at leaseweb so far, but their selections are REALLY REALLY bare for the US and plentiful for everywhere else...

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    Server4You and BurstNET come to mind. Although I suppose you get their US staff if you have a server in the US.

    Joes Datacenter and Wholesale Internet are two other budget US hosts, but they do not have a European presence. There's also Volume Drive, whenever they have stock.

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    what kind of specs are you looking for? I.e. CPU preference (other than AMD), memory, disk, ...? The budget is very tight, though. Also, if you want to be really independent in terms of OS, you might want kvm over ip?

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    I would without hesitation recommend Wholesale Internet. We have been using them for almost two years now and love them. Just contact Aaron or Dylan and they will be able to help you out. I think they currently have a server listed on here for $29/month

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