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    Hosted WhiteLabel Spam & Virus Filtering Reseller Service

    Agent Spam ( has built a clustered spam & virus filtering solution that is fully brandable. As a reseller you can brand the entire solution with your name, logo and domain name. We offer a Reseller control panel that allows you to create/manage all your spam filtering customers from one interface. You can even give your customers a domain administrator account to manage the filtering for the whole domain or each individual end user with an email address can login.

    Pricing starts at $2.00 per domain per month and can get as low as a $1.30 per domain per month.

    For more information on our WhiteLabel Spam & Virus Filtering please visit:

    Tired of paying for those high priced filtering appliances like Barracuda and Mail Foundry? Tired of the outrageous instant replacement fee's and the annual software renewals? Email us for more information and ask what we did with our Barracuda's... Hint: Sledge hammer and about 15 people.

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    Signup today with promo code WHTRSFILTERINGPROMO and get a 75% discount off the first month of your reseller account!

    NOTE: This Promo is LIMITED to 250 new resellers so signup today.
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    Who is Agent Spam?

    Agent Spam is a member of the CyberLynk family of internet properties which was founded in 1995.

    Why should I become a WhiteLabel Reseller?

    The answer is simple.'s pricing model allows you the reseller to have full control of your customer and the filtering solution. With the base package offering a per domain price starting at $2.00 per month you are able to markup the filtering package price to your customer and a ton of profit. In todays market spam filtering is normally based on the number of email addresses a domain has setup. The per email address pricing is normally $1.00 to $5.00 per email address. So if your customer has 10 email addresses and you charge $2.00 per email address you are charging that customer $20.00 per month. Your making a profit of $18.00 per month and you don't have to worry about bandwidth, filtering servers, software maintenance, etc. $18 profit for doing nothing!

    Want a demo login?

    Email [email protected] for a demo username/password.

    We look forward to working with you to meet your spam & virus filtering needs. If you have a need for more then 750 filtered domains please contact me at [email protected] for a custom quote.


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