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    ESET Nod32 Smart Security is a awesome tool. It is fast and secure your machine properly.
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    I would have to go with Kapersky as well, it has a more simplified interface, is not a resource hog, and offers a premium level of security.

    Honorable mention to Avast, I haven't had much experience with is, but know many who swear by it.

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    Hands down, Norton 360.
    Been using it for quite some time, no issues whatsoever, and it's lightweight, compared to garbage like Kaspersky, Mcaffee, Node32, etc, which load down even a somewhat up to date computer
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    I also vote for Panda because it scans based on the "cloud" which lessens the resource usage on your pc while giving you optimum and up-to-date scanning results. I also recommend AVG internet Security since this is also great but is a bit of a resource hog once you want the scan to finish in a timely manner.

    I use AVG internet security because it's a it works. Real time scanning of files I download from the internet, scanning of links, etc. I try not to use my pc once the scan is running. So I alternate between pcs once a scan is going so it finishes quickly and without any issues
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    Another vote for ESET.

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    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is suggested by me

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    I use Antivir for our office Windows 2008 server ... biggest advantage to me is the price, and the fact they gave me licenses for 5 pcs too at no additional charge
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    Another vote for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 from me. It doesn't slow down your PC's and you can disable any component you don't want, without it constantly bugging you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpoalmighty View Post
    I also vote for Panda because it scans based on the "cloud" which lessens the resource usage on your pc while giving you optimum and up-to-date scanning results. I also recommend AVG internet Security since this is also great but is a bit of a resource hog once you want the scan to finish in a timely manner.
    More Cloud hype. I don't see how this makes the product better than other anti-viruses? Compared to downloading the definitions in the background, the database updates are so tiny, typically < 50KB.

    But anyway, my vote is for Kaspersky as well, and it in fact has the "Cloud Protection" as well.

    Though, if you don't require any Windows applications, it's probably best to just run *nix on your computer instead (dual boot if you want) - that's what I do on my laptop.

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    i'm using Quick Heal anti virus since 2 years, working without any issue. now it gives good service.

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    i've been using bitdefender total security 2008 , since 2008 and up to now.

    real time file scanning is great. the only cons of this version is, it's not functioning well under windows 7.

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    Avast here..not any issues till now. I have a Notebook with only Microsoft XP and some software on it. Had no problems though

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    I have avast and it's working fine.

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    Microsoft Security Esssentials. Far better than Avira which I was using for years.
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    Eset is number 1 for me.. - Secure Hosting, VPN and Management Services.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SafeSrv View Post
    Eset is number 1 for me..
    +1 for me. eset is very good

    Vipre is also good made by sunbelt software

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    The best security will always be regular OS updates and common sense.

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    I use Avira, used to have AVG but kept getting false detection's

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    Kaspersky is the best

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    Kaspersky is really an good antivirus package ans also Avicast seems to be good

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    Eset NOD 32 or Avast!
    They are both great!

    Also Malwarebytes anti malware is a great tool

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    Best free anti-malware

    The best free anti-malware product out there is Microsoft Security Essentials. I have used it on dozens of client computers as well as all of my family members computers.

    It has consistently ranked up there with the best PAID anti-malware packages out there.

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    Avast is the best IMO. I'm using it a few years already and all works fine.

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    I'm still and always will be a firm supporter of ESET. They have time and time again always found malware/viruses that other leading AV/AS software do not find.

    I've personally used them for nearly 6 years now, and they have never let me down ever. I've taken machines that Norton, McAfee, Windows, Kaspersky, AVAST, AVG have all shown no threats, and ESET has 95% of the time found additional threats, beyond what those have said had none.

    I've used them all, IMHO, McAfee and Norton take up WAY to much system resources and cause too many problems than they actually fix, which, at times can be a headache because of how they act. Again, this is just an IMHO from what I've experienced, though, perhaps than again you need to take into consideration that these malware applications are also trying to attack more specific software applications such as Norton or McAfee as they're more widely used than some of the others. Kaspersky IS another favorite of mine, they're really good too, but I personally like ESET, it never bothers you, it will notify you a few times throughout the day saying the signature database has been updated.

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    I have heard many good things about ESET and its ability to weed out malicious viruses/malware over its competition. I believe the footprint is smaller than most AV software out there as well.

    With the experiences that I have had over the years with Symantec, I put them last on my list and would not recommend it. This is mainly dueto its resource hungry services.

    I have many years experiences with Trend WFBS. There were some glitches here and there with its security client (agent on the client's end) polling for updates on a minute basis rendering the machines "useless" after and update or patch was issued. This was resolved. Other than that little mishap, I would recommend it


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    Bitdefender, Mcafee and Norton.
    I don't like kasper because it makes your computer so restricted and may slow down in some cases. Kasper requests your permission in every thing and that's bother me. ( I stopped using in a year ago or something )
    I recommend Bitdefender.It works without even noticing ( at least this is what I feel ! ) and almost no problems with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TemplateSpin View Post
    Which do you think is the best antivirus or internet security for 2012 (not fee) release or version for home or business use and why?

    AVG. I have both the paid/free version of avg and they are pretty good. If you don't want to spend any money but need good protection avg(free) is the way to go. If you want REALLY good protection and can spend some $$ then avg(paid) is the way to go. And for why... AVG does a great job integrating into Firefox for internet security and has a lightweight anti-virus for your computer.

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    For home i use AVG free edition ,for a free anti virus it is very good ,low memory consumption also

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    There are many bonuses to buying an internet security suite as opposed to a standalone antivirus program. Some examples of the extra features you will gain if you spend a few extra dollars on your security are -
    a firewall
    antispam protection
    protection against dodgy links in search engines
    identity theft protection..!!!!! some are:
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012
    BitDefender Total Security 2012 (beta)
    F-Secure Internet Security 2012 (beta)
    BitDefender Total Security 2012 (final release)

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    AVG Internet Security 2012, or AVAST Internet Security.

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    I vote for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. I have been using it for long time.

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    I will always prefer Kaspersky for its effecient and reliable service.

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    Another vote for Microsoft Security Essentials
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    Avira for FREE
    Nod32 for PAID
    Ask for Server IP & Nameservers IP to check if your reseller provider truly provides 100% white-label.

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    +1 for Kaspersky Internet Security before KIS i use Norton Internet Security but was no good.
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    Nod 32! One of the best Anti-virus software I ever seen.

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    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is really good but since my dad got a few copies of AVG 2012 really cheap I use that.

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