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    kaspersky 2012 is the best one.
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    I've been using AVG free for the last three years and am very happy with it. Never let me down so far and not a very CPU intensive app to boot.

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    Sophos is great. I even have a discount code if people want it.
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    NOD32 all the way. Light weight but packs a punch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex-developer View Post
    kaspersky 2012 is the best one.

    My vote goes for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.

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    i think kespersky is the best

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    Avast is awesome

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    I am using ESET Nod32 Smart Security and i will use it forever because is the best internet security software.

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    i've been happy with microsoft security essentials

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    Avast anti-virus is best one, It is light and removes all kind of threads.

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    Bit Defender is the best. It provides maximum security.
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    Currently using BitDefender 2012 Total Security, a vast improvement from my last one, McAfee Internet Security which constantly gave me hell
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    Avast PRO bcoz im using this anti-virus for 7 months, and no fail.

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    Nod32 is the best. Not a fan of AVG business software from experience at work >_<

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    There is no such thing as the "Best" Internet security. However, the most reliable one is Kaspersky. If it's a bit too heavy on your system, then I would recommend going with ESET.

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    ESET Nod32 Smart Security is a awesome tool. It is fast and secure your machine properly.
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    I would have to go with Kapersky as well, it has a more simplified interface, is not a resource hog, and offers a premium level of security.

    Honorable mention to Avast, I haven't had much experience with is, but know many who swear by it.

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    Hands down, Norton 360.
    Been using it for quite some time, no issues whatsoever, and it's lightweight, compared to garbage like Kaspersky, Mcaffee, Node32, etc, which load down even a somewhat up to date computer
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    I also vote for Panda because it scans based on the "cloud" which lessens the resource usage on your pc while giving you optimum and up-to-date scanning results. I also recommend AVG internet Security since this is also great but is a bit of a resource hog once you want the scan to finish in a timely manner.

    I use AVG internet security because it's a it works. Real time scanning of files I download from the internet, scanning of links, etc. I try not to use my pc once the scan is running. So I alternate between pcs once a scan is going so it finishes quickly and without any issues
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    Another vote for ESET.

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    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is suggested by me

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    I use Antivir for our office Windows 2008 server ... biggest advantage to me is the price, and the fact they gave me licenses for 5 pcs too at no additional charge
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    Another vote for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 from me. It doesn't slow down your PC's and you can disable any component you don't want, without it constantly bugging you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpoalmighty View Post
    I also vote for Panda because it scans based on the "cloud" which lessens the resource usage on your pc while giving you optimum and up-to-date scanning results. I also recommend AVG internet Security since this is also great but is a bit of a resource hog once you want the scan to finish in a timely manner.
    More Cloud hype. I don't see how this makes the product better than other anti-viruses? Compared to downloading the definitions in the background, the database updates are so tiny, typically < 50KB.

    But anyway, my vote is for Kaspersky as well, and it in fact has the "Cloud Protection" as well.

    Though, if you don't require any Windows applications, it's probably best to just run *nix on your computer instead (dual boot if you want) - that's what I do on my laptop.

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    i'm using Quick Heal anti virus since 2 years, working without any issue. now it gives good service.

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