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    Advice on hosting...Web/TS3/Openfire


    To start...I'm on a budget of roughly $50 - $90 right now.

    I am wanting to make the jump from a basic web host to a dedicated server. I want to host my websites (mainly php forum/wiki type stuff...nothing video, maybe 1 flash site for a web openfire client), host a TS3 server (average user count is roughly 5-10...we'll say a planned max of 50 - 75 someday) and an openfire (jabber) server.

    I have found this at FDC Servers for $50 after putting DirectAdmin on as the CP.

    Dual Core ATOM, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD

    The bandwith is unmetered, which is what attracted me to them initially. Figuring I can get by on a 10 Mbps connection and later sometime maybe upgrade to the 100 Mbps.

    But I started doing research on the ATOM processor's, and now I'm not so sure it will work for me.

    So will this work for what I intend to do?

    If not, can someone recommend a host to check out? Bandwith of course being a big deal since I'll be doing a VoIP server on it.

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    Do you have any idea of how much bandwidth you currently use a month? Most hosts nowadays offer 5 or 10TB bandwidth standard with servers (on a 100mbit port) along with unmetered inbound/download.

    Also remember that (unmetered) 10mbit is only around 3TB and 1.2MB/s.

    Atom's are cheap and overall nice, however they don't offer too much CPU power. Provided you don't need to run too much CPU intensive software, it should do you fine.

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    If you go for higher margin for your budget ie $90. You should be able to find a Dual Core AMD or C2D box with 2-4GB RAM and some 500GB HDD!
    Just check out the offer section.
    Alternatively, you can get a 2Gb VPS from a decent provider which will probably faster than Atom Server for $50 !
    Regards !

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0$T View Post
    Alternatively, you can get a 2Gb VPS from a decent provider which will probably faster than Atom Server for $50 !
    for $50-$90 range I agree

    you might also find that a VPS is much easier to upgrade also.
    with a linux box and a full VPS control panel it should take less than 5 minutes to upgrade a server.
    perhaps you can start cheap and move up when you find the need

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    Hi PyroTech,

    Welcome to WHT!

    I have to agree - for the kind of budget you are looking at; research a VPS instead. You will get the same horsepower as an ATOM and be upgradable. Likely also be fully managed and include a control panel like cPanel/WHM or Plesk.

    Let us know how you make out!
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