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Thread: Spam Increase

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    Spam Increase

    Anyone noticed an increase in spam after attending HostingCon?
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    In general - no.
    From exhibitors (that I spoke to) no.
    Pre-show-junk from exhibitors I didnt speak to - a little

    If your spam is on the increase, it just means you've not lowered the threshold far enough on your filters
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhotonVPS-Jim View Post
    Anyone noticed an increase in spam after attending HostingCon?
    I always say the best way to reduce your choice of spam is to not give it to anyone.

    I have had one email address for over 10 years and I have never received one piece of spam (with no filters set).
    I have also never given this email address to anyone, nor is it an easy email address to even guess. The only real bummer is that unless I email myself I won't even receive an email......

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    I actually have seen a dramatic increase in spam in just the last two weeks.
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    Last week I got few spam emails. Professional Web Design Services
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    Yes, recently I have also seen large number of spams just before few days.

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    Alot, but it has decreased now the conference has been over for awhile.

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