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    Need advice on having two resellers and nameservers


    I have two reseller accounts - one for selling shared hosting(server 1) and another for reseller accounts(server 2).

    My website and domain is on server 1 ( and my two nameservers ( and both point to server 1.

    I setup my reseller account using on server 2 but my website isnt located there. I have setup 2 new nameservers ( and to point to server 2.

    I was wondering if this is ok or if this will cause any problems further down the line?

    Have tried to explain this as best as I could so sorry if its confusing.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    You can use same nameservers (for instance & for as many domains as you want.

    You just have to add the two name servers as NS records in the DNS zone for each website, both of them pointing to that website domain. And add both name server as well, as A records also for each domain you use them with.

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    This should not cause any problems, but make sure you its correct in the DNS zones in your WHM account.

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    Create your other reseller accounts by using sub domains(for example: Also you must add CNAME for this sub domain and must add A record for and on your main reseller account(you can do it under "Add a DNS Zone" menu on WHM if you are using Cpanel). This is the best way.
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