I have 3 dedicated servers each configured with 58 usable IPs left in our stock currently for these particular models. If you have several sites that require SSL, dedicated/static IPs, or even if you plan to do bulk e-mailing for marketing purposes, any of the following servers would be an excellent choice for you. All of our IP's are "clean", are not blacklisted and come from ONLY responsible use previously.

If you do plan to use the server for commercial mailing purposes, you must (obviously) follow CAN SPAM regulations and FTC laws.

As always, it is highly suggested that reverse DNS records are setup (We help with that) to help ensure the safe delivery of your messages and most importantly, it greatly reduces your chances of being blacklisted for any reason.

Here are the 3 servers that we have available for the choosing:

Option #1:
Processor: AMD Sempron 64 3400+
HD1: 160GB
HD2: 160GB
2 x /27s (58 usable IPs)
$230.00 / month

Option #2:
Processor: Intel D510MO Atom
HD: 320GB
2 x /27s (58 usable IPs)
$250.00 / month

Option #3:
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E7400
HD: 250 GB SATA II Hard Drive
2 x /27s (58 usable IPs)
$285.00 / month

Any questions pertaining to the servers or IPs, please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] or you can call us at 1-920-591-0336.

*RAM can be upgraded to 4GB for an additional $15 / month.