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    Question When did you last take a vacation with no Internet?

    A question for the WHT members.

    When did you last take a vacation, at least 3 days in length, in which you did not use the Internet during this time? This includes the Internet-based usage of desktops, laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones.

    I suspect that many of us do a little bit of work while on vacations, or otherwise use the Internet, so I am curious.

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    Had to of been before 1997... The only time I have gone more than a day without being using the internet in one way or another was when I was in hospital for 4 days in 2002, and that was definitely not a vacation. (oh an a trip to Iowa for a funeral, again, not a vacation).

    Yes, I'm a geek completely!

    Heck, if you want to talk about just being online, I think I have been online at least once just about every day since 1989 when I first got a modem.


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    A couple of weeks earlier (Mid July), I didn't use any internet for about 4 or 5 days when I was on a camping trip. I had my iPhone but there was no means of internet connectivity.
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    No laptop no internet for a whole week last year @ Shanghai - China

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    Took one for singapore last month, took no gadget

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    last year when I want to Walt Disney
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    It was 2001 and I was at Lego Land, Sea World and San Diego Zoo.

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    I just spent two days in Montreal with no internet if that counts (I know it's not three, but it's as close as it's going to get for me).

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    I will expose a secret here: If you try to leave PC and Internet for 10 days and more, then when you come back to your PC you will experience a very weird feeling, even though it will probably last for 1-5 minutes only from the time you start to face your PC. Which is, you will see for a while the monitor being small/weird and not adjusted with your face! You will see the keyboard and mouse as well not adjusted with your hands and body!

    That happened last time 6 years ago when I had an emergency forced me to be away from PC and Internet as well, for like 10 days!

    And 3 days without internet, well, that happened few times in short trips I had in the previous years. But I didn't notice any thing weird when I came back unlike the 10 days period, that was an exceptional 1 OR 2 minutes in my life I still remember, after not interacting with any kind of PC for 10 days!!!!

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    better than 10 years ago.
    3 days with no internet? Yeah, think again, my customers would freak out!

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    I was 2 days without internet last month

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    3 Days? Been at least 10 years or longer.
    About 15 hours is the longest I go now and that is only when I am flying between the US and Australia.
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    I could probably do a two day weekend trip without having to go on the internet (i would need it accessible if time time arouse). Weekends are quiet most of the time.

    We took the kids to disneyland (3 days), sea world, universal studios, and the zoo last month. I only had to break out the laptop once during the day.
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    2008, and for about a week.

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    Last November for a 5 day trip to Wernigerode & Quedlinburg in North East Germany. The 'other half' banned any internet, tv & newspapers and although I protested muchly is was really rather nice . Mind you it took bloomin ages to catch up on all my forum posts & emails when we got home!
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