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    Should register_globals be on or off by default?

    I had a third party company do the hardening on my server and the register_globals are set to on by default. Isn't it more secure to have that set to off instead of on? Or does it not matter?

    (My server has cPanel/WHM/Fantastico installed, if that makes any difference.)

    Just wondering as couldn't find much on Google about this.

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    according to cpanel Documentation and most online tutorials yes it should be off for better security.

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    If you run suphp then you/your clients can enable it via there own php.ini. but by default it should be off for security reasons.


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    It should be set to Off for security reasons.
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    Globals are deprecated in 5.3, meaning they're going out the door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linux-tech View Post
    Globals are deprecated in 5.3, meaning they're going out the door.
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    Beat me to it, I personally liked globals but they were open to security issues.

    There are smart ways around using register_globals look into foreach $_GET/$_POST

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    Thanks guys! I'm still learning.

    I'm going to have them set to off. I'm just worried about any existing web sites that might be using them that will stop functioning. Any suggestions on how to find these before I made the change? I could then add a custom php.ini file in their public_html directory to keep them on for those specific sites. I have a lot of older clients on the server that go back to 1995 (I acquired a friend's clients when he went out of business).

    Thanks again for any tips!


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    The best reason for turning register_globals off is that it will disable those ancient, insecure scripts that need it switched on. The right thing to do next is to upgrade these broken scripts to current versions or replace them with something newer and better.

    If you must keep the old scripts running (whether by enabling register_globals on a per-site basis or by editing the scripts themselves) then at least make sure you're running suPHP so when they get exploited you have a chance of limiting the damage to a single account.

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