is now offering a backup solution using R1soft CDP.

**For a limited time, we are offering 1 free R1Soft agent for each new backup service account. **
To get free agent, please reply this post, PM me or submit a ticket to Sales Department with your order number after payment.

Since we deployed R1Soft Continuous Data Protection on all web hosting servers in 2010, we have benefited a lot from it. Now we'd like to share our backup network with all of you. With our managed CDP backup service, your data will be truly kept safe. Data restoration can be done on Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly or on every Minute basis.

What is R1Soft Continuous Data Protection?

R1Soft CDP Solution is a server software application that enables disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for Linux servers and workstations running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. CDP Server protects disk volume data using synchronization over the network storing point-in-time snapshots in disk-based storage.

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Why choose Sugarhosts CDP backup service?

Full Management - We'll perform all settings, monitor backup status and restore your data when you require for free. You needn't to have any knowledge of R1Soft CDP. We are here to serve you!
No Data Transfer Limit * - Never to worry about bandwidth usage. Data transfer is unmetered!
RAID Technology - We only utilize servers with RAID 10 arrays to assure your data is kept intact, even in the case of a hard drive failure!
Scranton Network - All backup servers are located in Scranton, PA (East Coast USA). You can get good network speed whatever you backup EU or USA servers.

50GB of Backup Space $16.95 / mo | Free Setup

100GB of Backup Space $23.95 / mo | Free Setup

200GB of Backup Space $42.95 / mo | Free Setup

500GB of Backup Space $94.95 / mo | Free Setup

1TB of Backup Space $169.95 / mo | Free Setup

2TB of Backup Space $289.98 / mo | Free Setup

1 CDP Agent License - $10 per month per server
1 MySQL Module - $6 per month per server

Pricing listed above is in USD. We accept 11 currencies payments. Our website will try to recognize your currency automatically at your first visit.

* Backup accounts are to only be used by one individual/company for the backup and restoration of data. The accounts are not to be used for sharing data or any other purpose other than those listed above. If any other use is detected the account may be capped and/or suspended.