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    Location, Location, Location

    Where do you think is the best locatipn / country / DC to host a single site to get unform (or close to it) load times across the world? I like hosting in Dallas or Houston in Texas, but this gives slow load times in A, UK, EU. So I guess this question is for grins and personal preference!

    Looking forward to your answers!

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    Ontario, Canada
    I am getting a host that has all their servers located in Dallas and I get really good pings from Canada (near Toronto).

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    Toronto, ON

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    I've got a VPS from KnownHost in Colo 4 Dallas....and it's certainly not slow for me in Southern Spain.

    I've also got a reseller account with MDDHosting in Denver and that's really quick for me as well.

    It's not just's the quality of hardware, network, server load etc that play a big part.

    And MDD and KH both use top quality kit on good networks, and allocate space sensibly. pay more for it....but you get what you pay for.

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    Chicago has always been my favorite DC location.

    Being in Indiana, this means great connection for me but also throughout the United States due to it's central location and carriers.
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