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    I am selling, which includes the custom built software and design attached to it.

    When you visit the site, you'll notice the header says "". I ended up changing domains but since I never released the website, I never changed the header.

    The website offers a paypal shopping cart for members. Members have to deposit funds to add items, as well as to open up the shop. Fees are deducted from their account, everytime a person adds an item. If they do not sell the item, they can delete the item and the fees are returned to their account.

    There are features to add an image, description, and zip/tar files to the items as well.

    Other features include a messaging system, members online, friends online.. you can set your profile and shop to friends only. There is a bulletin system. There is a friend feed, kinda like twitter--but not as nice or sophisticated.

    There is an admin panel where you can manage members as well as their shops. You can disable members from being able to message people and even disabling their ability to post bulletins.

    For a members test login, you can use the account:
    username: jonno
    password: 654321

    For an admin demo, please message me for that login--if you actually have a genuine interest.

    Please note that this software is unique in that you can't download it anywhere. It has been custom built. I've invested about $5,000 over the past 3 years into this website. It may not look like much.

    To whomever buys, you'll need to continue putting some work into it. Right now, all of the actual data throughout the website is stored in tables in the database. I did not get around to investing in a template system for that. But everything is very simple to manipulate in phpmyadmin. I am selling this website "as is".

    So with the domain and the software that comes, I would like at least $2,000 since I've invested at least $5,000. However, i will consider the best deal possible.

    I would like payment to be made by paypal. I would like this to end by friday.

    I think i put this in the slightly wrong forum. Can someone move it for me?
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