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    Lightbulb How To Create Email Accounts in Webmin

    In this article we explain in simple steps how to create an email account in Webmin.

    Webmin is a free control panel that provides a simple yet effective user interface for website and server owners to manage their services (mail server, dns, apache, ssl etc).

    Here are the steps to create an e-mail account:

    STEP 1. From the left-side Menu, click “System” and then click on “Users and Groups”

    STEP 2. Click on “Create a new user” link

    STEP 3. Fill in the form with appropriate information. For this article’s purposes we will use the username: demouser. The following ones are recommended to be filled-in:

    - Username (if you want to have an email address [email protected] , set the username’s value to demouser)
    - User ID: leave it automatic
    - Real Name: required only for you to identify each account from the list
    - Home Directory: Click “Directory” and set it to: /home/<username> where <username> is what you set in the Username field
    - Shell: Leave it as it is
    - Password: click the “Normal password” and type your desired password (it will be encrypted on save/exit)

    You will see few more settings/fields on the same form. You may fill them in if you like. However, the above mentioned fields are those required to have a valid e-mail account created.

    FINAL STEP 4. Now click the “Create” button and you are done!
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    thanks to you

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    And then how do you access the email? Doesn't sendmail have something simple like roundcube which is just a subfolder of the desired domain name, or do I have to learn linux just to get a browser email for the domain?

    Yes it's an old thread, but it contains the exact steps I went through, only to find I don't seem to have created an email at all.

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    Hi ohyea,

    There are several ways to access the email. You can set it up on Microsoft Outloook, Thunderbird or even on Webmail clients like Squirrel and Roundcube.

    99% of the hosting providers will be able to install a webmail client for you for free, even though (nowadays) all hosting providers are providing at least 1 webmail option to their clients.
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    Yeah, I'm getting support to look into it. They've told me to use usermin though, which does have the dedi's nameserver's email and user from when I created a user and group, but doesn't have the email extension I thought I'd created in Sendmail mail server's address mappings that pertained not to the dedi's nameserver but to the particular domain I wanted an email for, though, so I've asked them what they mean by that.

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    Ok, I'm in, got an email address up and can access it through Webmin. Support told me to create a user that would have the email address as a username.

    But now how can I get hotmail and other email senders to send emails to it? I'm getting delivery status notification failures.

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    I have a same question,

    Specially how we create different mail for different domain if we have more then 20 domains as virtualhost running on same server ?

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    Step 5 - Add Address Mapping

    I want to add an additional step to the procedure above, so incoming mail to created email address will not be rejected by server:

    Step 5:
    From Webmin CP, Go to <Sendmail Mail Server> / <Address Mappings> and point the email address added "[email protected]" to the corresponding user.

    My apologies for reviving an old thread.
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    I have the same question.. I know we can disable login via assigning Shell as false or no login. but don't know how to achieve it without having system account and want to know the answer as well

    Quote Originally Posted by kevincheri View Post
    This will create system users. Is there a way to create Email users without having them a system account?

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