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    Setting up mail, need some advice...

    Hey again guys,

    I rarely use mail on my server, and honestly, with free services like gmail out there, there's almost no point to setting up a mail server as far as I'm concerned.

    One thing I do like about having a mail server though is the ability to create forwarder addresses for my domains (e.g. [email protected] -> [email protected])

    Forwarding is still technically sending mail, so I assume I must still install a mail server to do this, but my question is there way to setup a 'limited' mail server that will do nothing other than forward?

    I figure someone is going to ask why I don't just setup a mail server and move on, the real reason is the ludicrous amount of spam that builds up in them, and the fact that none of my clients ever seem to use anything other than forwarding.

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    Funny, I had "I'm pretty sure I recall google offering its mail system", then I thought there's absolutely no way and deleted it. Thanks for the link, let me check it out.

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