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    multiple emails domains in one hosting?

    I have a problem that I don't know how to fix. We have 2 domains for our company with 2 hosting providers. The problem is the following:

    Domain 1 points to hosting1 (oldest domain)
    Domain 2 points to hosting 2 (newest domain, we are pushing our clients to use this new domain)

    Hosting1 will no longer work, so we are trying to move our emails from domain 1 to hosting 2. How can this be done? Is it possible to manage multiple email domains with one hosting package? The hosting 2 is siteground.

    I’ve read some options that might work, but I need the help from the experts to point me in the right direction.

    If I transfer domain1 to siteground (hosting2) then I can use the email domain forwarding feature, so only one hosting package handles all the email?
    Do I need to get an additional hosting package from hosting2 (siteground) and point the domain1 to the dns of the new hosting package?

    Thanks in advance

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    It depends how many domains you are allowed to host with your Siteground package.

    If it is more than 1, you can simply add 'Domain 1' to your existing Siteground account and then change the name servers for 'Domain 1' with your domain registrar to point to the Siteground name servers.

    Backup all the data for 'Domain 1' with hosting 1 and restore to hosting 2 (Siteground).

    You might want to change the DNS TTL setting on 'Domain 1' to something like 600 (seconds) 24-48 hours before your perform the migration, to help ensure a quick change over when you update the name servers.

    This way, both domains will be running from the same hosting account with Siteground.

    After you have done that you should setup email forwarders from any Domain 1 email accounts to Domain 2 email accounts, to ensure you don't miss any emails while you fade the old Domain 1 out of commission. If the email addresses are setup the same on Domain 1 and Domain 2 (e.g. [email protected] --> [email protected]), you can just setup a Email Domain Forward from Domain 1 to Domain 2.

    Hope this helps.
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    Migration Process mention by Farbyte is the exact way,
    get name server changed foe domain1 and point them to sitegroung server IP's
    Additionally, you can tweak email account migration. If domain1 has few email account get all emails download to email client individually and if needed sync them to siteground mail server via IMAP

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