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    After migrated server - whmcs email piping not working

    Good day friends,

    I have migrated my whmcs to new cpanel server, but then, I no longer be able to receive email, i think the email piping not working but no idea how to fix it, can anyone help?

    also do you know what all the setting we need to tweak after whmcs migration?

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    If you are supplying web hosting, make sure all your 'Servers' have their IPs and name server settings updated in WHMCS (under General). Also make sure your license is updated with WHMCS for the new server IP.

    Are you doing piping using email forwarding? If so, try deleting the forward and adding it again.

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    Hi Farbyte,

    Thanks for point out, i think i know where is the problem now, it's working now

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    Also make sure the pipe.php file is chmod to 755.

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    Yes, just realize and changed the permission to 755, thanks

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