Hey everyone, its been a while!

About Me:

So I'm back to serve your needs for PSD to xHTML, HTML5 even I'm great with WordPress and any minor Widgets you may want. I am fluent in PHP, I can use frameworks like CodeIgniter and the new FuelPHP which is excellent to work with.

I can work with jQuery, Node.js + Faye/Socket-IO to build dynamic applications too.


Here is some of my older work:

http://needasig.com/(server/client side)

Since then I have done a lot of projects for companies back-end coding so i'm not really allowed to show anything in specific. But here are some projects i'm working on recently:


I'll update this page with more stuff once I get it uploaded to the server.

I have experience with Server setup too. Nginx, Lighttpd, PHP-FPM, MySQL and the basic security in Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS.

So I am offering you to give me a try, I'll convert your PSD to xHTML, HTML5, WordPress with Widgets. My record here although small still is positive. I can also advice you as we work together on your server needs, or any other options available to you.


PSD -> xHTML/CSS : $50 and $15-$30 for every other page
PSD -> WordPress : $90+ Depends on custom widgets, features etc
PSD -> Custom Code: Well right now doing smaller projects but don't hesitate to ask and I will give you a reasonable price with code you can trust.

Got questions? I'll answer them all. PM me or email me at dregondrahl[@]gmail.com or add me on Gtalk I'm always around.