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    vps for MySQL Server

    i want to move my SQL server to another machine.
    i thought it would be nice to start from vps and if necessary upgrade it to dedicated.

    currently my MySQL Server handle 1500 tables, average of 200 queries per second (~16M per day).

    i expect it will grow to 1,000 queries per second in the next few months (2-4 months).

    so i thought about this configuration:

    2 cores
    1GB RAM+
    10-20GB HDD
    600GB Bandwidth+

    what do you think? vps will handle it?


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    1500 tables? 1kq/s?

    1Gb ram?

    This does not compute... you have quite a massive amount of querys there.

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    currently my MySQL Server using 800MB RAM. 1GB RAM + 512-1024MB Burst, will be fine, no? the ram isn't the main issue (i can always raise it), what about the cpu? which virtualization software will be the best?

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