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    Best dedicated servers by comparation (All over the world)

    Hi I would like to know what are the best servers in comparison with Ovh's Super Plan Mini 2011 and Hertz's Dedicated Server EQ4. In terms of specs/price/speed also with an option to hide my info from whois (I have an .me domain)

    My clients are all over the world Europe, Asia (Mostly Japan), USA, Canada, and South America (Brazil but also anywhere there).

    As long the server is safe, and provides me with support in english or portuguese (which is my native language), it can be anywhere.

    If you could help me out, I would be glad! Thank you!

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    Hetzner and OVH are pretty much the cheapest hosts in the world, do you have more budget than for them?


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    I never seen any other hosts in EU that can beat the same specs as hetzner and ovh offer.
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    For now my budget is a bit low, I must say...

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    2,131 would probably work for you in terms of support. But don't expect anything outside M-F commercial hours...

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